MGM & Turner’s New ‘Pink Panther’

The Turner Broadcasting Company and MGM have announced that they are producing a new 26-episode half-hour Pink Panther & Pals animated series that will debut on the Cartoon Network channels in the fall of 2009. MGM is working with Rubicon, Jordan’s pioneering animation company, on the series, which is being produced in both Los Angeles and Amman, Jordan.

The new Pink Panther series features a rambunctious teenage version of the fuchsia feline, who will nonetheless remain recognizable because of his signature walk and devil-may-care attitude. Favorite characters from the original Pink Panther cartoon series such as Ant and Aardvark will join the raspberry rapscallion in the new series along with character such as Hoarse and Dog, who are making their debut in Pink Panther & Pals.

The Pink Panther, who debuted to Henry Mancini’s unforgettable theme in the animated opening and closing credits of the 1963 Blake Edwards comedy from which he takes his name, went on to star in 126 short films, 10 television shows, and 3 primetime TV specials.  The property has been a licensing bonanza since its inception and MGM is planning a dedicated licensing and merchandising initiative based Pink Panther & Pals.

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