The Secrets Of Wolverine & Weapon X Are Revealed!

Long before he became a member of the Uncanny X-Men and the New Avengers, the man named Logan was transformed into a the ultimate fighting machine by a government program named Weapon X—and now you can learn more about his past!! Weapon X: First Class #1 brings Eisner Award nominee Marc Sumerak (Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius) and fan favorite artists Mark Robinson & Tim Seeley together to take a new look inside the program that made Wolverine “the best there  is at what he does.” Continuing the search for answers about his past, Logan turns to Charles Xavier, hoping his mentor will be able to unlock the secrets within his fragile mind. As the suspense mounts, layers of mystery are peeled back to reveal shocking truths, truths that even Logan isn’t ready for. And I’ll tell you something else he isn’t ready for –SABRETOOTH!

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