ABC cancels “Pushing Daisies,” “Eli Stone”

ABC gave cancellation notices to “Pushing Daisies” and “Eli Stone” yesterday reports the Los Angeles Times.

The two series will not be picked up for a full second season and will end production after their thirteenth episodes.  ABC president Steve McPherson informed both series of their fate in phone calls yesterday.

“He was very complimentary and thanked everyone for putting their first foot forward,” “Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller said. “He never said we’re canceled but that was the gist of it. He said they’re proud of the show and not ordering episodes at this time. I could read between the lines and interpret that the door could be open in the future but I think that the gist of that is that we weren’t going to be moving forward on ABC.”

ABC plans to run all the produced episodes of each series before bringing them to an end.

Fuller acknowledge that everyone who worked on the show will begin looking for new jobs, which would make it hard for the “door to stay open.” He already has his next gig lined up: returning to “Heroes,” where he worked as a writer in the NBC show’s first season. He also has begun thinking about turning his sweet fairy tale into a movie.

“It’s hard not to be disappointed but I’m walking away with a stronger feeling of pride and gratitude,” Fuller said.

ABC also delivered pink slips for “Dirty Sexy Money.”

The alphabet network will shuffle its schedule in January.  As we previously reported, “Life on Mars” moves to Wednesday evenings following “Lost.”

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