Monthly Archives: December 2008

Glad I Didn’t Buy a Zune…

Apparently overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, many, if not all, first generation Zune 30 gb players froze and refuse to operate. The shutdowns seem to have occurred simultaneously around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, December 31. Zunes that have frozen may or [...]

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Interview

1UP caught up with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty lead designer, Dustin Browder, and asked him some questions about the highly anticipated real-time strategy game.
1UP: Do you anticipate the production cycle for the StarCraft 2 trilogy to feel like making [...]

The Craft of War: BLIND

There is a lot of machinima videos out there that make you giggle and snort, a few make one just think about the mad creative skills that people must have.
The Craft of War: BLIND from percula on Vimeo.

“Iron Man 2″ Will Be About Identity

Work on the script for “Iron Man 2? has begun and several people associated with the project say the theme of the next installment will be identity.
Writer Justin Theroux told MTV  the biggest difference between the first and second installments [...]

“Terminator” Inducted Into National Film Registry

James Cameron’s original “Terminator” is one of 25 films that will be placed into the National Film Registry for preservation according to the Hollywood Reporter.
The original, low-budget epic made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star and launched a new science-fiction franchise that [...]

Fallout 3 Postmortem

Fallout 3 Afterthoughts on is a postmortem conversation about Fallout 3, discussing the outcome of the RPG sequel with Bethesda Softworks’ Emil Pagliarulo. The conversation has some spoilers, as they discuss the game’s endings, so that should be kept [...]

Warner Vows to Release ‘Watchmen’

Warner Bros. and Fox released dueling statements on Watchmen Monday, with a status conference with the judge producing little in the way of additional guidance as to how last week’s ruling will affect the release of the film (see “’Watchmen’ [...]