Daily Archives: December 1, 2008

DC Universe Online Interview

‘DC Universe Online’ MMO Writer Geoff Johns Talks Parallel Earths, Secret Identities on MTV Multiplayer offers some brief responses from comic writer Geoff Johns to questions about DC Universe Online, the upcoming superhero MMORPG.
According to Johns, he thinks the game [...]

Xbox Marketplace Holiday Deal of the Week

Microsoft is running a new little program called the Marketplace Holiday Deal of the Week. This program will run through December and provide Xbox360 users some hot deals from Xbox Live Marketplace. Starting tomorrow, people will be able to purchase [...]

Comic Books – A Solid Investment?

Saw this article about Rick Whitelock, a comic book investor/buisnessman who retired at the age of 40 by buying and selling comic books. The article is about how comics are still a solid investment in this time of stock prices [...]

Planet Of The Apes returns

A fresh attempt to reboot the Apes – and it already has a director attached…
We can’t be alone in the thinking that the recent ‘reimagining’ of the Planet Of The Apes franchise, with Tim Burton at the helm, had all [...]

Black Friday Up

Three surveys reported different views of the retail sales picture for Black Friday, and although sales were up, the underlying trends point to a tough holiday season ahead. 
Shopper Trak RCT Corp., which tracks retail sales at over 50,000 stores, [...]