Daily Archives: December 20, 2008

Microsoft’s Answer To Blu-Ray Is DMD

Whether you call it downloadable content, game add-ons or digital media distribution, the new wave of accessing information for console games is drastically evolving thanks to die-hard efforts of Microsoft and Sony. The industry is continually finding ways to break [...]

Hybrid Blu-Ray and DVD Movie Disc Announced

A Japanese software company called Pony/Canon (sounds like a Civil War-era weapons system) announced the February release of the first-ever movie title to be released on a hybrid Blu-Ray/DVD disc. The disc layers one format on top of the [...]

‘iTunes weTax,’ says New York State

Seeking the means to shrink a nasty budget deficit, legislators in Albany have floated the idea of slapping a 4% tax on entertainment services delivered via the net, including streaming movies, e-books, and music downloads.


James Cameron Heads To The Forbidden Planet

The Day the Earth Stood Still currently stands, precariously, atop the box office heap. That means everyone is now looking for the next 1950’s science fiction movie to remake. These movies are now considered classics even though no one would [...]