Monthly Archives: January 2009

No Level Cap In Fallout 4?

Bethesda has hinted that the next Fallout game will likely not have a level cap, and possibly will be playable virtually indefinitely. MTV spoke with Todd Howard, Executive Producer over at Bethesda, and asked what the greatest lesson they learned [...]

Comic Book Review – Final Crisis #7

“What used to be meaningful and significant…is losing importance…that’s how it seems to me.” Wonder Woman in Final Crisis #7
My initial reaction to Grant Morrison’s (JLA/Batman) writing of late, has included a great deal of head scratching. In this, the [...]

Star Trek Online: Ask Cryptic

The latest edition of the Star Trek Online "Ask Cryptic" series is available for your viewing pleasure. Featuring, among other things, questions about bi-peds and joysticks, you can see it all below:
Will there be a galaxy wide map which is [...]

Halo Wars DLC A Possibility, Says MS

While this seems like common sense to us, more or less, ElectricPig is reporting that they have heard from the man in charge of Halo Wars that they are already looking into additional download content. The game’s lead producer, Jason [...]

PayPal joins OpenID Foundation

The OpenID Foundation has announced the addition of PayPal as a member of their Board. In a move that sends very positive signals regarding the security of OpenID they are joining the ranks of Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign and Yahoo!. [...]