Daily Archives: January 14, 2009

Emily Blunt rumored for ‘Iron Man 2′

Comic Book Biz: Favreau focuses on finding femme fatale — With Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell negotiating to play two key villains in "Iron Man 2," Marvel Entertainment and director Jon Favreau are now focusing on casting another nemesis for [...]

Legends of Zork Browser Game

Jolt Online Gaming announces a return to the land of Zork in Legends of Zork, a browser-based game based on Infocom’s classic series of text-based adventures. The project doesn’t yet have a set launch date, but they are getting set [...]

Preorder Empire: TW, Get Rome: TW Free

Direct2Drive has announced they are now accepting preorders for Empire: Total War, the next installment in Creative Assembly’s large scale RTS game. Those willing to commit in advance will be rewarded with a complementary copy of Rome: Total War Gold [...]

Robert Kirkman: A Walking Dead Update

Robert Kirkman hasn’t lost his taste for human flesh—not by a long shot. Kirkman, along with artist Charlie Adlard, have slowly amassed an army of zomb…er, fans with their work on The Walking Dead at Image Comics. Only months [...]