Monthly Archives: January 2009

DTV likely delayed till June 12

The Senate Republicans and Obama have been pushing the need to keep analog signals online instead of switching all television transmissions to digital, to free up wireless spectrum, meaning that we could see a delay in the switch. It would [...]

Availability for Windows 7 beta extended

Microsoft Windows Communications Manager, Brandon LeBlanc, has announced that availability for the Windows 7 beta download has been extended until February 10th, 2009. Microsoft noted that they have extended the availability as "enthusiasm continues to be so high for the [...]

Star Trek Online: The Path to 2409: 2384

The history of the Star Trek Online universe has moved forward yet another year with the addition of the lore piece, "The Path to 2409: 2384".
Federation analysts say that a shakeup in the Romulan power structure has left the empire [...]

Halo Wars Gone Gold, Demo Dated

MS Game Studios announced today that Halo Wars has gone gold. Not only that, but there will be a demo available for the game on Xbox Live starting on February 5, 2009 at 9AM GMT, at least in the UK, [...]