Comic Book Review- Young X-Men #12

Dust is dying and the team confronts Donald Pierce.

Dust is left hanging on for dear life following her battle with Donald Pierce. The team is in shambles and it seems to be that time…time to end the book. Anole says, “We’re not even X-Men in training. We’re…we’re cannon fodder.” Seems Marvel felt the same way. This issue was a tough read for me. It was almost sort of a (for lack of a better word) stressful read. It jumped back and forth so much that I couldn’t keep anything straight. One page they’re here, one page they’re there, and Dust is going crazy in the future here! Yo fully understand what is going on, you need to have followed the whole series.

The art is one of the more redeeming qualities here. It isn’t anything too special, but it is expressive and fairly detailed.

What you might like
Well, depending on your opinion of the series, you might like that this is the final issue.

What might put you off
Too jumpy and inconsistent.

Seeing as this is the last issue, all i can recommend is that you may want to pick it up in trade.


Title- Young X-Men
Issue #- 12
Writer- Marc Guggenheim
Pencils- Rafa Sandoval
Inks- Roger Bonet
Colors- Ulises Arreola
Publisher- Marvel
Editor- Nick Lowe
Reviewed by- Alex Tillisch

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