Monthly Archives: April 2009

Left 4 Dead Event, Sale, Patch, Stats

The Left 4 Dead on Steam Page announces the promised "Freaky Friday" event is now underway, offering 24 hours of free play in Left 4 Dead. They also announce a sale for this weekend offering the multiplayer zombie shooter for [...]

Disney Buys into Hulu

Disney has joined News Corp (Fox) and NBC with an investment in video Website The three entertainment companies now each own 27% of the business, with the reminder held by private equity firm Providence Equity Partners and employees.
Disney [...]

Fallout 3 1.5 Title Update Details

The Fallout 3 1.5 title update is now available on Xbox Live. On the 360, you will be promoted to download at game startup, as per usual. On the PC, you can download and isntall separately. The update is primarily [...]

Two ‘Wolverine’ Endings

Director Gavin Hood revealed at a screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine that the film will have two Easter egg endings, which will provide additional footage after the credits. The endings will reveal important info about characters.
The two endings will appear [...]

Empire: Total War Patched

A new patch for Empire: Total War is now automatically available via Steam. The release notes for the new version are quite extensive, as a large number of issues are tackled along the way. They also note a couple of [...]


A speedster is dead. Barry Allen, the newly returned Flash, must find out who — or what — is responsible. But Barry has his own secrets haunting him, and if he’s not careful those secrets could very well send him [...]

City of Heroes Turns Five

City of Heroes turns five today is the poop from NCsoft. What does this mean to you? FREE PLAY!
Lapsed players wishing to commemorate this special date can take part in a reactivation opportunity from April 28, 2009 at 11:59 [...]

Dead Rising 2 Does Have Multiplayer

Eurogamer has done some digging and discovered that Capcom’s upcoming 3rd person zombie killing title, Dead Rising 2, has multiplayer.
"We’re at a point in game history that you need to have some form of multiplayer component in a game," Inafune [...]