Daily Archives: April 6, 2009

Comic Book Review – Flash: Rebirth #1

Barry is back.
In a recent interview with IGN, Geoff Johns responded to a question about the differences between bringing back Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. His response summed up this first issue well.
“… It was a lot different because Barry [...]

Comic Book Review – Agents of Atlas #3

As the fifties storyline takes center stage; Parker and company continue to flesh out their team.
The first issue of this series contained an unrelated flashback story featuring the team in the 50’s.  The second issue’s flashback was actually woven between the [...]

Comic Book Review- Strange Adventures #2 of 8

Adam Starnge investigates the Dark Zone, a new twist in Comet’s situation, and now there’s a contract for Bizarro’s life.
Adam Strange is the only one noticing that stars are disappearing in the “dark zone.” He sees a star vanish before [...]

Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode Out Tomorrow

Capcom has announced that the much anticipated versus mode for Resident Evil 5 should be available tomorrow for Xbox360 and PS3. The multiplayer add-on will cost 400 MS Points or $4.99 on the PSN. The DLC comes with two game [...]

Second Fable II DLC Update Revealed

Lionhead has revealed the second Fable II download add-on. The DLC will be available in May for 560 MS Points, and will be titled "See the Future." The main storyline revolves around three cursed items possessed by Murgo the Trader. [...]

2.5 Billion Xbox Live Achievements

Trophy envy? Gamers.com has posted word that Xbox 360 gamers have unlocked 2,500,000,000 achievements.
Xbox 360 gamers have unlocked a grand total of two and a half billion Achievements, according to Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg, earning 52 billion Gamerscore in the [...]