Daily Archives: April 20, 2009

Comic Book Review- The Walking Dead #60

The herd is in full force and Rick fears the threat of leading the thousands of roamers back to the group. Carl steps up with a creative idea to trick the herd giving them the opportunity to get away. Unfortunately [...]

Fallout: New Vegas announced

There’s little news on Fallout: New Vegas so far, the game is currently being unveiled in London.
What we know so far is that the game is called Fallout: New Vegas and it is coming to PC, PS3 [...]

StarCraft 2 Easter Eggs

OS X Reality has a couple of Easter eggs found in the recently released StarCraft II Battle Report 2, offering the kind of speculation fuel for which Blizzard is famous. The two tidbits they found are images of faces faintly [...]


Media Release — On the eve of three historic, oversized issues of Captain America, Marvel is proud to unveil Captain America Week at Marvel.Com (www.marvel.com)! Featuring exclusive art debuts, in depth creator interviews and more, Captain America Week delves into [...]

Oracle Buying Sun, Gets MySQL

Interesting news this morning, just as the 2009 MySQL Conference is starting. As is being reported all over the place, Oracle has agreed to buy Sun at $9.50 per share, giving them to a ton of great technology (Solaris, ZFS, [...]

Comic Book Review – Irredeemable #1

What happens when the world’s greatest superhero becomes its greatest threat?
The afterward included in this book, written by Grant Morrison, complains that Mark Waid has been pigeonholed as the champion of the Silver Age. I think this says more about [...]