Comic Book Review- The Walking Dead #60

The herd is in full force and Rick fears the threat of leading the thousands of roamers back to the group. Carl steps up with a creative idea to trick the herd giving them the opportunity to get away. Unfortunately for them, nothing is that simple in a post-apocalyptic world and the herd is back on their trail. Back at the camp, that annoying little pain in the side, AKA Dale, is once again spending his time trying to convince Andrea to go against the rest of the group.

This issue was a little slow for me. Not much progress has been made with the last two month’s issues. I was initially excited when the zombie herd graced the pages of TWD with it’s fury and i expected something pretty intense to grow from it. So far not so good. Maybe I’m being just a tad impatient, but i can’t help but feel that something more than a sprint from where the herd found them back to the camp should have happened by now. However, the herd might not be causing any radical plot development directly, but it is showing signs of creating both character and plot development indirectly. Dale is my least favorite character in the book, but it now seems that he might be at the root of some developments in the story to come. I’m just waiting for Kirkman to pick up the pace a little bit.

The art in this series is expressive and consistant, never disappointing.

Things to look for
One of the kids showing the warning signs of a sociopath

What might put you off
The slow pace

TWD should without a doubt be on your pull list. If it’s not, go out at buy all the trade paper-backs you need to catch up, and put it on your pull list.


Title- The Walking Dead
Issue- 60
Publisher- Image
Writer- Robert Kirkman
Pencils/inks/Cover- Charlie Adlard
Letters- Rus Wooton
Gray tones/Cover colors- Cliff Rathburn
Editor- Aubrey Sitterson
Reviewed by- Alex Tillisch

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