Comic Book Review- Kick Ass #6


This issue reveals the “secret origin” of Hit-Girl and Bid Daddy and an interesting plot twist.


The issue opens up with a “bang,” so to speak. And by “bang,” I mean a father shooting his daughter in the chest (she was wearing a vest) with the intent of getting her to become accustom to taking a bullet. It is clearly reflected throughout the series that Millar is having a lot of fun writing these books.

Millar seems to be doing more to develop other characters besides Kick-Ass by bringing Hit-Girl, Big Daddy, and even Red Mist to the forefront. Up to this point, there has not been much overall development in the series. That changed with this issue. We are starting to get more in-depth look at the personalities of these characters. What will be interesting to watch as the title rolls on is the evolution of Kick-Ass as well as Dave Lizewski. We are already starting to see how being Kick-Ass has changed him in his normal life. Now that he is teamed up with Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, it will be fun to watch how they change his character. We are used to seeing him as the timid character, but I have a feeling that will change soon enough.

The conclusion of this issue provides us with our first real plot twist of this series. As far as I’m concerned the series is just starting to pick up the pace; and with the upcoming Kick-Ass movie, how could you be anything but excited?


I am a HUGE Romita Jr. fan. His art is bold and descriptive providing the perfect artistic atmosphere for a series like Kick-Ass. He makes it easy to tell the difference between flash-back and present time making the issue an easy read. His work makes for great storytelling and for enjoyable reads. I have nothing but praise for his work on Kick-Ass

What you might like

Character development, plot development, and an all around fun read.

What might put you off

There’s nothing off-putting about this series…unless you don’t like violence and foul language.


Kick-Ass should have a spot on everyone’s pull list! The series is just starting to pick up and you would be missing out if you didn’t pick it up.


Title- Kick-Ass

Issue number- 6

Publisher- Icon

Writer- Mark Millar

Pencils- John Romita Jr.

Inks- Tom Palmer

Colors- Dean White

Letters- Chris Eliopoulos

Editor- John Barber

Reviewed by- Alex Tillisch

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