Monthly Archives: May 2009

“Warehouse 13″ Adds Guest Stars

Several veteran SciFi Channel actors are scheduled to appear in guest roles on the upcoming season of “Warehouse 13.”  According to SciFi Wire, Joe Flannigan, Tricia Helfer, Mark Shepard, Michael Hogan, Erica Cerra and Joe Morton will all feature in [...]

Star Trek Online: Excalibur Class

The latest ship to be revealed at the official Star Trek Online site is the Excalibur class ship. Check out its sleek look below:

During times of peace, the Excalibur class is well-suited for cargo or transport missions. Its massive [...]

Archie Marries

The Archie story of the century begins in Archie #600 with “Archie Gets Married Part One: The Proposal.” A future Archie will pop the question to one of his high school sweethearts, and the ensuing shakeup of comics’ classic [...]

Star Trek Online Early Next Year

Infogrames’ and Atari’s latest earnings report is available, revealed in this report are several release dates, including  Star Trek Online by the end of this fiscal year, which for them ends March 31, 2010 and a fiscal first quarter release [...]

The Matrix Online Going Offline

After over four years of operation, Sony has announced that its MMO The Matrix Online will be shutting down permanently in roughly two months.
"On July 31, 2009, we will be jacking out for the last time," wrote Matrix Online [...]

Megan Fox’s ‘Body’ coming to Boom! ?

“Jennifer’s Body” stars Megan Fox as a demonically-possessed cheerleader with a taste for killing teenage boys. The original graphic novel will expand on the universe of the movie.   See the full release after the break.
Writer(s): Rick Spears [...]

Blackest Night comic book news

As the Green Lantern titles head toward this summer’s Blackest Night event, things are looking grim for the future of the GL Corps.
Not only is there that pesky little Blackest Night prophesy that predicts the end of [...]