Romulan ships in the latest Star Trek Online screens


Everyone has their favorite ship designs in Star Trek. Some people can’t get enough Klingon ships, while others are all about the Federation. Today however, is a good day for Romulan fans, as two new screens featuring the species’ ships are available for ogling and general drooling-over.

It must be admitted, the sleek sexy curves of these two ships are most… fascinating. It’s almost enough to make a person forget the beauty of some of the more advanced Federation vessels. Not that we would, of course. Our dedication to the Federation is… uh, well okay we’d probably fly one of these without a second thought if the opportunity presented itself.

What’s even more beautiful than the ships, perhaps, is the space they’re flying through. It can’t be easy to consistently awe inspiring space vistas, but the people working on this game seem to keep churning them out time and time again. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of it in motion sometime in the future.

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