Monthly Archives: May 2009

SATA 3.0 standard ratified; 6Gbps, isochronous SATA inbound

The SATA International Organization, the industry consortium governing Serial ATA interfaces, yesterday released a finalized version of the SATA 3.0 specification, which features 6.0Gbps data transfers and a number of improved features while remaining completely backwards-compatible with existing drives, controllers, [...]

Xbox 360 Hits 30 Million Sales

Microsoft has announced that worldwide Xbox 360 sales have surpassed 30 million units since the console launched on November 22, 2005.
The company said that Xbox 360 has achieved the highest percentage growth in hardware sales of any console so far [...]

Champions Online: Early Game Hands-On Preview

The level of customization borders on ridiculous. For example, there are four different colorization options for each piece. Take the chest gear for example. The game allows details like a knife belt across the chest, but what’s more, enables full [...]

Raimi Talks “Spider-Man 4″ Villains

While promoting his new movie, “Drag Me to Hell,” director Sam Raimi took a moment to address the persistent rumors about the next villian(s) our favorite web-head could face in “Spider-Man 4.”
A few months ago, rumors began to circulate that [...]

Left 4 Dead Inspired Game Coming To Wii

The developer of The Conduit on the Wii is working on a new co-op zombie shooter heavily influenced by Valve’s Left 4 Dead. Called The Grinder, the game will feature split-screen and online four-player co-op play, also influenced by grindhouse-style [...]

Resident Evil 5 Sells 5 Million Units

RE5 has sold over 5 million units, according to Capcom CEO Kazuhiko Abe. At a Reuters Global Technology Summit last week, Abe revealed that the sales across both platforms sold 4.97 million unit by the end of April. The remaining [...]