Monthly Archives: June 2009

What Was Cut From “Star Trek?”

Fans of “Star Trek,” may be wondering what we can expect when the Blu Ray and DVD hits stores later this year (right now, uncomfirmed reports indicate it will be October).
Web site TNMC has tracked down an original version of [...]

From Page to Screen: ‘World War Z’

This column is so often steeped in skepticism that it’s a relief to declare unequivocally: I cannot freakin’ wait for this movie. Just as I was starting to think that the zombie sub-genre was becoming played – the recent trend [...]

Firefox 3.5

Firefox version 3.5 is now available, offering the latest version of Mozilla’s web browser. This page describes the new version, this CNET article offers some analysis and  Slashdot points the way with a review of the new release on Slate [...]

‘Green Hornet Serials’ on DVD

On July 28th VCI is releasing the first DVD edition of two Green Hornet serials produced in 1941 by Universal. Green Hornet creator George W. Trendle was dissatisfied by the job that Republic did on The Lone Ranger, so he [...]

StarCraft II Preview

Eurogamer has posted a hands-on preview of Blizzard Entertainment’s highly anticipated real-time strategy game, StarCraft II.
What’s blindingly apparent is that while this game is going to be fantastic for high level competition, exactly the same attention to detail and obsession [...]