Daily Archives: September 1, 2009

Skype Doubling Connection Fees

If you use Skype to make international calls, be warned that starting Sunday, you’ll be paying more for the service.
According to Wired, Skype is raising its international connection rate from 3.9 cents per minute to 7.9 cents per minutes for [...]

Champions Online launch day round-up

Today is the official launch day for Champions Online and Massively thought you might appreciate a handy round-up of our very best and most pertinent info that you’ll need to get started in the game. You’re welcome. Don’t forget they [...]

Blizzard’s new MMO is "very different"

Paul Sams from Blizzard explains that the new MMO will be different and could easily complement the World of Warcraft.
Blizzard’s next MMO won’t seem like a double of World of Warcraft with merely a change in setting and graphics. [...]

How Will Disney Use Marvel?

Disney says that Marvel’s current deals will stay in place. That means that Sony will continue to produce Spider-Man movies, Paramount will distribute the next five movies from Marvel Studios (including Iron Man II, up next), and Fox continues to [...]