Monthly Archives: October 2009

7 Reasons Why Microsoft Should Make PCs

If Microsoft wants to be like Apple, so be it. The company should design, build and sell consumer PCs directly to customers. As Steve Jobs says, "good artists copy, great artists steal." Microsoft needs to steal Apple’s whole approach to [...]

Possible Vampire cheat sheet?

The chart (which we could only include partially to the right because of its massive size and awesomeness) summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of 50 popular vampires throughout popular culture. Included in the list is everyone from Count Chocula to [...]

Left 4 Dead 2 Realism Mode Detailed

G4TV has a new 12 minute video up on their site that outlines some of the things that Realism mode adds to the game while playing the campaign Hard Rain. Examples include being able to ditch a health pack for [...]

Borderlands Online Play Suffering from Bugs

Despite all the positive buzz surrounding the game, Borderlands is in danger of becoming yet another great game whose launch is tainted by broken online play. A few unlucky players (on all three platforms) have encountered a game-crippling bug that [...]

Xbox 360 Sky Player Pulled

Sky Player has been pulled from Xbox 360 shortly after launch “due to an unforeseen technical issue”.
The online TV service launched earlier today with 24 channels available to watch via Microsoft’s console.
“The Sky Player on Xbox 360 service did successfully [...]

Paranormal Activity Scares Its Way to #1!

With weeks of viral marketing and a promotional campaign driven by social networks like Twitter and Facebook behind it, Oren Eli’s Paranormal Activity (Paramount) expanded into just under 2,000 theaters on Friday and successfully took the box office with an [...]