Monthly Archives: February 2011

‘Powers’ Pilot Greenlit

FX has placed an order for the pilot episode of the Powers series, based on the comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Charles Eglee of Walking Dead fame wrote it .
Bendis said in a Tweet, “Powers [...]

Marvel Spotlight – Marvel Zombies: Supreme #1

A HUNGER SUPREME! They were the Squadron Supreme, heroes exiled from another dimension to our own…but the twisted science of the Project Pegasus facility infected these defenders with a virulent zombie strain. Now it’s up to Jill Harper’s desperate special [...]

DC Spotlight – Action Comics #898

First his own action figure, then his own Christmas special – now GREEN LANTERN’s Larfleeze wants to take over ACTION COMICS?! Not if Lex Luthor has anything to say about it! Tune in for the rematch that’s been brewing ever [...]