07/09/11 Magic 2012 Prerelease – Folsom, CA


Held one week before each new Magic card set goes on sale, Prereleases provide a way to play in a large-scale event in a low-stress environment. You get to play with the cards before you can buy them, special promotional cards are given out to attendees and the top players can win even more cards. So have fun!

Prereleases are sanctioned by the DCI, which is the governing body for all Magic tournaments – from the smallest local events up to the multi-million dollar Pro Tour. Playing in a sanctioned event means your results are recorded and begin to give you a player rating among the thousands of Magic players worldwide. If you don’t have a DCI number yet, the event staff on site can provide you with one. For many players, Prereleases are a fun and easy way to play in their first sanctioned events.

At Prerelease events, the emphasis is on casual play with a high degree of sportsmanship. You don’t need to know the rules well, but you should always be polite and respectful to your opponents.

Time: Doors open at 10 a.m., with the tournament starting at 11 a.m.
Entry Fee: $25.00 per player.
Format: Magic 2012 Sealed. Players will receive six packs of Magic 2012 to build a forty-card deck.

GamersCircle Comics
608-B East Bidwell St.
Folsom, CA 95630

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