DC Reveals 3 More Cancelled Titles


In its September solicitations DC Comics revealed the four titles that will be cancelled as four new titles join the publisher’s "New 52."  While the publication of #0 issues for the cancelled books could yield a higher title count in September, it will be temporary as the fall releases will prove to be the final ones for a quartet of DC titles including the previously revealed Justice League International, which is ending in August.  The newly revealed series that are ending with #0 issue in September are:

Captain Atom, Resurrection Man, and Voodoo.

The solicitations for all three of these titles’ #0 issues clearly states "Final Issue."

DC is adding four additional titles to its lineup including the Court of the Owls spin-off Talon, the fantasy title Sword of Sorcery, the Dan Didio-written Phantom Stranger, and Team Seven, which blends characters from the DC and Wildstorm universes.  While it does appear that there could be more than 52 DC comics releasing in September that should be temporary as it also is very clear that DC appears to be serious about keeping its line at 52 titles.

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