Heroclix: American Cancer Society Charity Tournament



American Cancer Society Charity Event/Tournament
This is a charity event benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Bring a 200 point team with figures (only) coming from any tournament legal set. For this tournament, we’re having a special, buy any full Booster and get two gravity feed boosters. From your boosters, build a 200 point team for a team build of 400 points. If you don’t like your pull, you can purchase another booster.

First place: SDCC Anti-Monitor and custom made Tournament Trophy featuring Cosmic Dr. Doom
Second Place: Galactic Guardians GALACTUS #G001
Third place: Choice of Fast Forces Set
Fellowship: Tower Records Exclusive Hulk Statue
Critical Miss: Get a prize

Because this is a charity event, we are offering re-rolls for $2. There’s even a prize for the player with the most re-rolls.

Bonus: Pizza for your gaming pleasure

Where: GamersCircle Comics
Date: Saturday, October 6, 2012
Time: 1 pm

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