Gatecrash Pre-Release – January 26th, 2013 – FOLSOM, CA

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The Magic: The Gathering Gatecrash Prerelease is coming up on January 26th and things are going to be run a little differently this time around.  Players will be selecting a guild at the beginning of the event and receiving these materials:

5 Gatecrash Booster Packs
1 Guild Booster Pack
1 Promo Card
1 Achievement Card
1 Spindown™ Life Counter
1 Letter from the Guildmaster
1 Guild Symbol Sticker

Since Gatecrash is a large set, there won’t be any Return to Ravnica fare to be found – Everything will be brand new!  Players will be able to choose from Simic, Orzhov, Dimir, Gruul, and Boros.  Players that attended Return to Ravnica events already know the drill, as the special prerelease promo cards are playable at the event!  So what to choose going in?  While we’re fairly far away from having complete Gatecrash set knowledge, the promo cards are indicative of the flavors and goals of their respective guilds.

Store Opens at 10a
Tournament Starts at 11a
Entry Fee is $25 per entry

Note From Andy:  Please try to come as early as possible.  The Return to Ravnica prerelease filled up at 10am and I had to turn away some players.

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