Magic 2014 Pre-Release Weekend – July 13th & 14th – FOLSOM, CA


GamersCircle Comics is excited to offer the Magic Core Set 2014 Prerelease on Saturday, July 13th & Sunday, July 14th! This exciting event is the very first time you can play with Magic Core Set 2014 product.

Experience the next Magic: The Gathering set a week before it goes on sale!

Magic Core Set 2014 includes the return of Slivers along with new versions of popular planeswalkers Chandra Nalaar and Garruk Wildspeaker.

Play in any Prerelease to get six booster packs of Magic Core Set 2014 to build your sealed deck.

Those that play will receive a Prerelease Promotional Foil Megantic Sliver.  (while supplies last!)

Prize Pool: Magic 2014 packs
(x 4 x # of players).


Top 1/3 get 7 PACKS!
Middle 1/3 get 3 PACKS!
Bottom 1/3 get 2 PACKS!


Entry Fee: $25.00 per player.

Both Saturday and Sunday, the doors will open at 10am and the tournament will start at 11am.

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