Amazing X-Men – Set out to find Nightcrawler


This November, Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness assemble an elite team to recover the heart of the X-Men from beyond the veil in an all-new ongoing series.
In the wake of X-Men: Battle of the Atom, Wolverine smells brimstone on the air and heeds the anguished plea of a long lost friend. Nightcrawler cries out from the afterlife, and only the AMAZING X-MEN can answer.

In life, Nightcrawler exploited his ability to disappear and reappear within the same sulfur-shrouded instant. For his comrades in the X-Men, the merry teleporter, their swashbuckling elf, never more remained more than a blink and a “Bamf!” away. Then came Messiah CompleX and a selfless act of sacrifice. Their friend vanished, seemingly for good, to his eternal reward.


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