Matt Fraction Leaving ‘Fantastic Four’ & ‘FF’

The tremendous success of his work on Hawkeye has catapulted Matt Fraction to the very first rank of Marvel scribes, but Fraction’s current tasks, which include writing Inhumanity, the follow-up to Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity event, as well as an ongoing Inhuman comic title, have expanded to the point where the writer has cut back on his other commitments.  Fraction had been listed as the solo writer of both Fantastic Four and FF through the October-shipping issue #13 of both titles, but will be leaving early.  Marvel has not yet announced whether issues solicited with Fraction as the writer will be returnable because of the switch in scribes.
Speaking with
Comic Book Resources Marvel’s SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort acknowledged that Fraction would be leaving both Fantastic Four and FF in the near future.  While these books will continue to follow the storylines that Fraction has laid out, Fantastic Four #12, which is solicited for September, will be Fraction’s last (though it should be noted that the recently shipped Fantastic Four #11 already lists Christopher Selba as "co-writer").  Fraction’s last issue of FF will be #11, which ships later this month.

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