Marvel’s ‘All-New’ NOW!

New Jumping-on Points for Marvel Series


Just a little over a year since Marvel re-launched many existing titles as part of its Marvel NOW! Initiative, the House of Ideas is going back to the well for renumbered re-launches of Marvel NOW! titles, as well as launches of new titles, as part of its "All-New Marvel NOW!" initiative.

In the process, Marvel is providing double issue numbers for re-launched titles, one under the Marvel NOW! numbering system and one under the All-New NOW! system.  The new books are described by Marvel EIC Axel Alonso as "clean entry-points to all ongoing series."  Beginning in December, one or more new series will be launched every week "with unique mission statements, epic scales, and bigger conflicts than ever before."

The new series kick off with Avengers, in December, numbered #24. NOW under the old sequence, and #1 in the All-New sequence.  Both numbers appear on the cover, although the #1 has a more prominent presence.  It will be written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Esad Ribic.  In this post-Infinity story, the Avengers must assemble to fight the threat of a rogue planet hurtling toward Earth.

A new title, All-New Invaders #1, will launch in January, by James Robinson and Steve Pugh.  It will team Captain America, the Winter Soldier, Namor, and the Original Human Torch to fight Norse Gods weaponized by the Kree Empire.


The previously announced Inhuman, by Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira, which debuts in December, has also now been revealed to be part of the All-New Marvel NOW! titles.  Just last week, Marvel announced Inhumanity #1, apparently tied to Inhuman.

Brian Michael Bendis, Rick Remender, Dan Slott, Jason Aaron, and Kieron Gillen are promised as creators of All-New Marvel NOW! titles.

In addition to Marvel’s normal digital-free-with-purchase codes, some #1s will include codes for the first collections of new series.

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