Attention Magic the Gathering Players!!


Let your choice be known

As always GamersCircle Comics has been a store for the community whether it is tabletop games, comic books, cards games, etc.

About a year ago, many magic players were not able to stay and finish out the rounds of the magic tournaments; [due to the lateness of the tournaments] forcing them to drop out and at some times missing out on their prizes.

It was suggested that instead of starting at 6pm for the FNM tournaments, could the tournaments start earlier for an earlier ending time? That is exactly what we did; we changed the FNM hours from 6pm to 5pm.

It has been brought up again, if GamersCircle Comics would be willing to change their tournament hours from 5pm to 6pm?

We will address that with a [Google Plus] poll

If majority would like a start time of 5pm, then the tournament hours will be unchanged and there will be 4 rounds for the FNM tournament.

If majority would like a start time of 6pm, then the tournament hours will change and there will be 3 rounds for the FNM tournament.

Plus the below comments accordingly [those of you that are already on Google Plus]

[For those of you on Facebook please follow the link to the GamersCircle Google Plus page and plus the comment that corresponds with your desired choice.

{don’t plus both, there will only be one tournament time, if you have questions, please do not ask them in this poll}

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