Magic the Gathering – Announcing Gatecrash

If you were at the Magic panel
at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, you already know this. But if you
weren't, you may be interested to know that Magic's
February 2013 set, code-named "Line," is called Gatecrash.

Fight For Your Guild

Set Name



Set 2 of 3 in the Return
to [...]

‘Pathfinder Online’ Tie-In

The upcoming Pathfinder Online MMO will be supported by two pen-and-paper role-playing supplements, which Paizo Publishing plans to release in January. Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep will be a campaign module, while the Pathfinder Flip Mat Thornkeep 2-Pack provides game maps for [...]

‘Halloween Freighter’

Days of Wonder will release a special Halloween-themed add-on for the popular Ticket to Ride series of boardgames.
This Train & Stations set includes 45 sculpted orange "pumpkin trains" and three "spooky stations" that players can [...]