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Alien vs. Predator: New DVD Boxset to be released 12/11/06

The boxset will include Predator bust designed by Sideshow Collectables and stands an impressive 13.5 inches high!

IPB Image

It contains the 2 disc Special Editions of both Predator and Predator 2 and the extended version of Aliens Vs Predator, which has an additional 8 minutes of footage. via

The truth about girl gamers

Results showed that 39 per cent of you game daily, while another 33 per cent get their console kicks at least weekly. Just 19 per cent said that they rarely game and a mere nine per cent admit to never putting a manicured mitt near a gaming controller – pink or otherwise.

This is in line with a survey conducted for the new PSP game Lumines II. Their results revealed that the average woman spends three hours a week – or six-and-a-half days a year – playing on games consoles!

How often do you game?

2,054 votes were cast

Daily: 39 per cent
Weekly: 33 per cent
Rarely: 19 per cent
Never: 9 per cent


Another Starship Troopers?

It looks like Sony is preparing to correct their ways and deliver a real sequel to Starship Troopers that will also serve as the return of Casper Van Dien. Get the clippers out, somebody needs to shave his chest again!

Clint over at Moviehole has alerted many that he has spoke to his ‘old bud’ Ed Neumeier, who seems to think that Sony is ready to greenlight Starship Troopers

Russia to shutdown


In what can only be described as a stunning turn of events it appears that Russia has agreed to shutdown as of this writing the site was still up and online. I am sure that many will be disappointed if the site indeed gets shutdown. The question I have is where will it re-surface next? But I think everyone knew that the sites days were numbered.  [TechCrunch]

CoH Issue 8: To Protect & Serve Interview

What are some of the features of Issue 8? How will they change the game play that already exists in Paragon City?

Besides the abovementioned two, there is a rework of the Faultline Zone, showing that the city is finally rebuilding after so many disasters have befallen it. In addition we have Veteran Rewards, which are cool bonus rewards your characters get based on how long you’ve played the game.

What are the details of Safeguard missions? What are some of the benefits to completing Safeguard missions aside from the feeling of heroic virtue coursing through your veins?

Safeguard missions involve foiling a bank robbery that is taking place in Paragon City and preventing other mayhem that villains are causing throughout the zone. Foiling the bank robbery will give the player a really cool long-lasting temporary power, and allow them to tackle various side missions that then pop up in the instanced zone. These side missions carry with them badges as well as more temporary powers for you to uncover.

How will Issue 8 expand on the heroic deeds and the sense that the city is thankful that the player has chosen to defend its citizens?

With the Police Band and Safeguard missions you really get a sense of being reactive to crimes in progress. Heroes don’t go out and cause heroism the way villains go out and cause villainy, so there needs to be something for heroes to do in order to save the day. More