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THE INFINITY GAUNTLET is Marvel’s Latest Summer 2015 Teaser


At this stage it isn’t a question if there’ll be a daily new Marvel morning ‘Summer 2015’ teaser harkening back to a classic event or storyline, but what it’ll be. Tuesday morning Comicbook.com has the latest – the Infinity Gauntlet – Jim Starlin and Ron Lim’s Thanos-centric 1991 limited series. The Infinity Gauntlet inspired several “Infinity”-related follow-up projects by Starlin over the years and of course the basic structure of Thanos trying to assemble all six of the Infinity Gems serves as the inspiration for the common through line of all of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe films.

With an image featuring Star-Lord and a whole family of Nova’s (characters that didn’t figure in the original storyline) along with Thanos, the teaser once again show whatever is happening in Summer 2015 isn’t a straight rehash of the previous storylines.

Though Marvel has yet to come out and say so, Newsarama’s money is still on all these teasers being related to Secret Wars , the 2015 mega-event that will span 12 issues starting late Spring, and is said to be the culmination of all the reality and time-travel manipulation at Marvel Comics over the past several years. The New Avenger series has seen alternate realities crashing into each other, resulting in the destruction of one or both worlds.


Peter Parker Will Meet Miles Morales


Marvel Comics has finally admitted what its series of teaser images had made plain, Peter Parker, the original Amazing Spider-Man will meet Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spider-Man in the five-issue Spider-Men series written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Sarah Pichelli that will debut in June.  This will mark the first ever "crossover" event between the mainstream Marvel universe (the 616 universe) and the Ultimate Marvel universe (aka "Earth-1610"), which the publisher debuted in 2000 to attract new readers beyond the normal Marvel fan base by creating stories featuring newer versions of the major Marvel characters, who were largely relieved of 4 decades of continuity to make them more accessible.



Although starting in March, Marvel began teasing the Peter Parker/Miles Millar crossover relentlessly in the comics industry press, the House of Ideas broke the actual confirmation of the crossover in The New York Daily News.  There is very little in the way of actual news in the story—the major reveal is that the crossover saga will use “a common villain to bring the two heroes from different alternate realities (together).”  Marvel is being typically tight-lipped about the events that bring the two Spider-Men together

While the mechanics of the crossover saga remain in doubt, it appears likely that Marvel has found a way with this new Spider-Men series both to appeal to long time readers, who will fully appreciate the rarity of this occasion, and potentially to new readers whose interest in Spider-Man comics may be piqued by Marc Webb’s reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise.

DC Elseworlds – Part Three

Based upon the DC Comics Elseworlds series where heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into alternate realities.  Chris and the team have just completed episode three, if you want to check out the other parts, then you can go here.

DC Elseworlds – Superhero Fanfilms at their finest

These fine folks are doing something different when it comes to super hero fan films.

Chris Cowan, a filmmaker who loves making films dealing with SciFi and Comicbook Universes, along with his long time friend and aspiring  comicbook writer Lex Randleman are creating webseries for DC Fans called "Elseworlds".

Its based upon the DC Comics Elseworlds series where heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into alternate realities. (All done just for fun out of the love for the DC universe – No Budget). They will be a series of five 2-5 minute original story webisodes dealing with some of the famous characters in the DC Universe (Different groups of characters but following one linear story arc overall).

DC Elseworlds – Part One


DC Elseworlds – Part Two


Part 3 should be up in the next week and a half.  Chris and his team are trying to do something really different.  They are not your average fanfilms either.