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Learn to Crawl this May in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.1!


This May, following the debut of the highly anticipated return of Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #1, experience his early days as Spider-Man like you’ve never seen before in Learning to Crawl, a new 5-issue series beginning in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.1! New York Times Bestselling writer Dan Slott (Superior Spider-Man, Silver Surfer) and Eisner Award-Winning Artist Ramón Pérez (Wolverine and the X-Men, Tale of Sand) craft an all-new spin on the earliest days of the webbed wonder that have bitter consequences to this very day!

From that fateful night he lost his Uncle Ben, a new life began. But there is more to the story of how Peter Parker became the Amazing Spider-Man.

“We all love a good ‘Year One’ story,” says Senior Editor Nick Lowe. “But this is so much MORE! Not only does this address Spider-Man’s past, but it sets up a new villain that will be a huge part of Dan Slott’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN plans moving forward.”

We all know how Peter Parker learned responsibility, but this series tells the story of how Spider-Man became the super hero we all know and love!  Set within the first 60 days of his webslinging career, Learning to Crawl is an all-new tale set parallel to the character’s first appearance in 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15 and 1963’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 – #3 that will blaze new trails for upcoming Amazing Spider-Man story arcs in Dan Slott’s new series!

‘Amazing Fantasy #15’ Sells for $1.1 Million

A copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, the comic containing the first appearance of Spider-Man, sold for a record $1.1 million, the highest total ever for a Silver Age comic. The copy of Amazing Fantasy, which was sold by ComicConnect.com, graded out at 9.6 or near-mint plus, and was quite possibly the finest copy in existence (it has the highest grade of any copy that has been professionally graded).

The $1.1 million is not the highest total ever paid for a comic, that distinction belongs to a copy of Action #1, which ComicConnect sold last March for $1.5 million, but it is the highest total ever paid for a comic published after World War II.

Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for 12 cents when it appeared in 1962.  The Amazing Fantasy series was scheduled for cancellation until Amazing Fantasy #15 turned into one of Marvel’s bestsellers of 1962, spawning the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series that has been published ever since.

The previous high price paid for a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 was $227,000, the price that a copy graded at 9.4 sold for in 2007.

Marvel HeroClix: Web of Spider-Man

WizKids/Neca has announced the August release of Marvel HeroClix: Web of Spider-Man Expansion for the Marvel HeroClix Collectible Miniatures Game. Everyone’s favorite neighborhood wall-crawler returns in this first ever Marvel HeroClix set dedicated to Marvel’s most popular character. The Marvel HeroClix: Web of Spider-Man Expansionincludes 64 new HeroClix figures (56 new sculpts) including characters from throughout Spider-Man’s career.

By the Brick Exclusive

The new expansion also includes subthemes from Marvel’s key Dark Reignand Siege crossover events.  Also, once again WizKids has created a “Buy It By the Brick” promotion that provides consumers with a way to earn the exclusive Spider-Man: First Appearance HeroClix Figure that recreates the cover to Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of the legendary webslinger.

Organized play kits will be available to comic book and hobby stores who order MarvelHeroClix: Web of Spider-Man from either Diamond Comic Distributors or Alliance Game Distributors.

Red Hulk

Comic Books and Wall Street

Newsday.com has an interesting article about the man behind the recent rescue of insurance conglomerate AIG, Eric Dinallo. What was behind the public servants move to help rescue AIG and also helped post 9/11 New York?  Spider-Man. Dinallo quotes the famous saying from Amazing Fantasy #15, "With great power there must also come great responsibility." Turns out Dinallo is a comic book fan, sporting Avengers action figures on his desk and thinking of himself in terms of what comics have taught him saying, "I do admit there are the sort of moral and first principle themes in comic books that I find kind of simple truths for when you are serving the public…" I know I have learned a great deal about morals, purpose, and heroism from comic books, my main favorite being Captain America. People are attracted to comic book characters for all sorts of reasons, even the ones that are borderline villains, the comics of today are filled with heroes. These values of goodness and light come up over and over in the world of comic books and can be seen in guys like Dinallo who are trying to leave the world a better place than they found it.

Cowboys and Superheroes: Kesel talks Vegas arc in “Amazing Fantasy” #13-14

This October, in the pages of Marvel Comics “Amazing Fantasy,” writer Karl Kesel introduces readers to a man named “Vegas” in a two-part story that takes readers to a rough and tumble unexplored corner of the Marvel Universe. Includes a ten page preview of “Amazing Fantasy #13.” Updatedcomicbookresources.com