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PATSY WALKER, A.K.A HELLCAT! #1 – This December the Cat is out of the Bag


New York, NY — September 10th, 2015 —This December, Hellcat makes the leap from fan-favorite guest star to fan-favorite headliner in PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT!

Written by Kate Leth (Adventure Time) and with art by Brittney Williams (Lumberjanes), PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! will spotlight this modern-day superhero who refuses to say NO to any adventure even if it does prove to be more than what she can handle.

“I want to continue the thread of her being the kind of girl who calls you up out of the blue and you always say yes, because it’s an adventure,” says Leth.  “She’s a super hero martial-arts wiz that can sense mystical energy! She learned how to fight on the moon, so you KNOW she’s good at what she does and has the history to back it up.”

Beginning her heroic career with the Avengers and then becoming a core member of the Defenders, Hellcat’s new series will be inviting readers into a no-nonsense journey following this kick-ass super hero as she tries to make a name for herself alongside some of the most powerful Marvel heroines around.

“With this series, Kate and Brittney are going to provide a unique spin on the super hero, providing readers with a Patsy Walker who is both supremely relatable and supremely awesome,” says editor Wil Moss. “And look for guest appearances by all of Marvel’s top female heroes, including She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, Captain Marvel and maybe even the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!”

This December, Patsy Walker plans to claw her way to the top no matter what it takes! Be here for this brand new, action-packed series as this feline femme fatale reestablishes herself among Marvel’s mightiest within in the pages of PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT!

SPIDER-GWEN #1 Swings Back Into Action This Fall!


New York, NY—June 24th , 2015— She’s back! The character that took the world by storm, launched thousands of cosplays, fan art, music and more is swinging back into comics this fall for SPIDER-GWEN #1 – a brand-new ongoing series! The red-hot creative team of Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi return to chronicle the adventures of Marvel’s breakout sensation!

“This book has defied all expectations, mine included, and has continued to thrive and grow,” says series writer Jason Latour, in an interview with Marvel.com. “I can’t tell you how precious of an experience that makes it. Re-launching and being put out there on the front lines as a tent pole kind of title really is a tremendous opportunity to open our doors to everyone again.”

Now is your chance to jump in, with a clean entry point into the character that has the world buzzing! Plus – the answers you’ve all been waiting for! The secret history of Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker finally revealed! Someone out there has recreated Peter Parker’s Lizard formula. The same formula that ultimately cost him his life and branded Gwen a fugitive. And she won’t let it happen again! But with NYPD Captain Frank Castle and the Kingpin of Crime Matt Murdock both on her tail, that’ll prove easier said than done. Who could be behind all of this? The answers will shock you!

“We’ll also finally meet Norman and Harry Osborn. That seems like it could be pretty significant, huh?, continued Latour.

The epic next chapter of Gwen Stacy’s life is about to begin. And you won’t want to miss the bombastic debut as she swings into comic shops once more this fall in SPIDER-GWEN #1!



Legendary Comics has announced three new comic miniseries for late 2015:  a new Pacific Rim title, an espionage series byiZombie’s Chris Robertson, and a crime-thriller series by Steven Grant and Pete Woods.

Pacific Rim: Tales From the Drift follows up the bestselling Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero OGN, with new Kaiju battle tales set in the universe of director Guillermo del Toro and screenwriter Travis Beacham’s Pacific Rim.  The four-issue series is written by Joshua Fialkov (The Bunker, I, Vampire, Elk’s Run), with art by Marcos Marz (Batman Confidential, Blackest Night: JSA).  The series will launch in November.


Three Thors in ‘Thor Annual’


A wrestling superstar, the writer of Lumberjanes, and a Marvel favorite write stories about three different Thor characters for Thor Annual #1, due out from Marvel in February.
Wrestling superstar CM Punk writes a story with art by Rob Guillory about a young Thor trying to prove himself by drinking all of Asgard and Midgard under the table.

Lumberjanes writer Noelle Stevenson pairs with Marguerite Sauvage on a story about the new female Thor, revealing the woman behind the mask.

And Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder, Original Sin) does a story on King Thor, illustrated by Tim Truman.

‘Guardians & X-Men: The Black Vortex’ Crossover


Marvel has released the cover for the first issue of its upcoming cosmic crossover event: Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex Alpha, which launches in February.

The issue will be penned by Sam Humphries (Ultimate Comics Ultimates, Uncanny X-Force), with art and cover by Ed McGuinness (Superman/Batman, Deadpool).  The Alpha issue will launch the crossover that will continue in issues of Guardians of the Galaxy, Legendary Star-Lord, All-New X-Men, Captain Marvel, Nova, Cyclops and more.

The Black Vortex is an ancient artifact that can unlock any user’s true cosmic potential, similar to Jean Grey’s transformation into the Phoenix, or Norin Radd becoming the Silver Surfer.  Now the Black Vortex has been claimed by gangster Mr. Knife and Thanos’ son Thane.  The Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men, and their allies must unite to save the universe from impending galactic chaos.