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The Cyborg Super Soldier is Reborn This October in DEATHLOK #1!


He is the perfect killing machine. The apex weapon. The demolisher. Only he doesn’t know it! This October, a new legend is born in DEATHLOK #1 – the first explosive issue in an all-new ongoing series! Launching as part of the Avengers NOW! initiative, critically acclaimed creators Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow, The Punisher) and Mike Perkins (Captain America, Stephen King’s The Stand) provide a brand new spin on Deathlok like you’ve never seen him before!

After Michael Collins – there was Henry Hayes. A war veteran, a single parent. A good man who though he’d left his war behind. As a field medic, he has traveled to war zones to heal the wounded, unaware of his true purpose. Unbeknownst to him, he has been transformed and twisted into a new weapon for a new war – DEATHLOK! Operative, fighter, assassin and more – he is whatever his mysterious handlers need him to be.

Utilized as a deadly weapon rented out to the highest bidder, Hayes travels the globe toppling dictators and destabilizing regimes – his memories erased after each mission. All in the name of his mysterious corporate masters. Yet as he slowly uncovers the truth about his existence, he’ll struggle with the knowledge he’s been transformed into the ultimate weapon of mass destruction – and expose the disturbing legacy of the many Deathloks that came before him.

Hunted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and unaware of his true purpose, the one man army will be forced to choose – is he man…or machine? The answer lies in the high-octane first issue as the next blockbuster Avengers NOW! series debuts this October in DEATHLOK #1!



This October, James Buchanan Barnes steps into his new role as intergalactic protector in BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER #1, the out-of-this-world series from rising star creators Ales Kot & Marco Rudy. Following the shocking finale of Original Sin, what has the Winter Soldier more driven than ever before?

Be there when the master assassin takes on his new role as the “man on the wall,”  protecting the Earth from extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional threats by any means necessary. Inherited from his predecessor Nick Fury, Bucky will go to any lengths to accomplish his new mission. From the depths of Limbo to the far reaches of space to the hallowed halls of Asgard – no challenge is too great for the Winter Soldier.  But he is not alone in his quest – former S.H.I.E.L.D. director Daisy Johnson a.k.a. Quake is along for the ride, and she brings her own set of skills and expertise to Bucky’s new shadow war.

He’s toppled dictators and foiled terrorist plots, but how can one man measure up to aliens, demons, monsters and gods? Clearly they’ve never met the Winter Soldier! A new mission begins this October, and the Winter Soldier brings his years of battle-hardened experience to the Marvel Universe’s grandest stage!

Don’t miss one moment of the pulse-pounding spy espionage action when Kot & Rudy go intergalactic and explore the man beneath the mask in BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER #1 – hitting comic shops and digital devices this October!

‘Deathstroke’ Ongoing Series [again]

DC Comics has announced a new ongoing series starring Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, written and drawn by Tony S. Daniel, launching in October.


Daniel (Superman/Wonder Woman, Detective Comics) will be joined by co-artist Sandu Florea (Detective Comics, Elektra) for the monthly series, which will chronicle the adventures of the antihero assassin.  The storied villain has traveled the DC Universe as a mercenary-for-hire, as well as spending time as a member of Team 7 and being recruited for the Suicide Squad.  The character has appeared on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, the Teen Titans and Young Justice animated series, and was a main antagonist on Arrow.

The series will premiere on October 22nd, and will have a variant cover by Andrea Sorrentino, according to MTV.

Beautifully Deadly – Your First Look at ELEKTRA #1!


This April, witness the beautifully violent return of one of the Marvel Universe’s deadliest assassins in ELEKTRA #1 – from critically acclaimed creators Haden Blackman and Mike Del Mundo!

A life spent in silent pain has led Elektra Natchios to the brink of despair. But as the crimson-clad assassin prepares to shed her blood-soaked past and take the next step, everything you know about her will change in an instant! Death is no escape, but she will find her way as a new option opens up that will take Elektra to places no other hero will go!

“If anything, we’ll be putting Elektra into even more precarious situations,” says writer Haden Blackman in an interview with Marvel.com. “Not only will she be risking her life, but it’s finally her life; she’s no longer answering to anyone and is now striking out on her own to figure out who she is and what she wants, so she has even more to lose than ever before.”

Deadly threats and lethal foes await around every turn. But they will discover that none are quite as dangerous as Elektra herself. The next stage in the life of the most dangerous assassin in the Marvel Universe begins this April in ELEKTRA #1!

Sebastian Stan Returns as Bucky in ‘Winter Soldier’

Actor Sebastian Stan, who played Captain America’s sidekick Bucky in Captain America: The First Avenger, will return as Bucky in the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which the Russo brothers are directing, and which will be in theaters on April 4th, 2014.

Bucky was supposedly killed in the same explosion that imprisoned Cap in a block of ice, but Ed Brubaker resurrected Bucky for his Winter Soldier storyline.  In Brubaker’s saga, Bucky survived the explosion, which cost him his memory.  The Russians trained Bucky as an assassin and his path crosses with Cap’s again when Bucky, now known as the Winter Soldier, apparently kills the Red Skull.

Variety reports that Stan has signed a six-picture contract with Marvel Studios and that he will reprise his role as Bucky in the Captain America sequel, which could also see the return of Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, though no announcement has been made yet.