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Friends Become Enemies in FANTASTIC FOUR #6


This June, the fall of the first family continues in the explosive FANTASTIC FOUR #6 – a tie-in to Original Sin! From Eisner-award winning writer James Robinson, fan-favorite artist Leonard Kirk and the peerless Dean Haspiel– they’ve been a family ever since that fateful day they ventured into the cosmic unknown, the day the Fantastic Four were born.

Bonded together as family, Johnny Storm became the hot-headed Human Torch while Ben Grimm became the hideous monster known only as The Thing. Try as he may, super-scientist Reed Richards was never able to reverse the process and return Ben to his normal form. It is a failure that has haunted him to this very day. But what does Johnny have to do with Ben’s irreparable condition? And why has he lied about it all this time?

Now, thanks to the events of Original Sin, Ben Grimm is about to learn that his closest ally has condemned him to a life sentence as a monster. And he won’t be happy about it! Bruised, beaten and broken both emotionally and physically, is this the end for the Fantastic Four? The dismantling of the first family continues as Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben crash headlong into Original Sin this June in FANTASTIC FOUR #6!

A Team Divided in FANTASTIC FOUR #6 – an ORIGINAL SIN tie-in!


This June, witness another nail in the coffin of the first family, as they are torn further apart in FANTASTIC FOUR #6 – an ORIGINAL SIN tie-in! From Eisner Award-Winning scribe James Robinson and fan-favorite artist Leonard Kirk comes the next blockbuster chapter of the world’s greatest comic magazine that will have you gasping!

They were the best of friends since that fateful trip into the cosmic unknown. The day the Fantastic Four were born, they became a family. Cosmic explorers – forever united. Johnny Storm became the high-flying, hot-headed Human Torch. Ben Grimm, the hideous monster known as The Thing.

Super-Scientist Reed Richards has tried time and again to reverse Grimm’s condition. Each and every time was met with failure. But there was a time when he possessed a device that held the key to permanently curing The Thing – until Johnny inadvertently destroyed it! Reed has kept Johnny’s secret for as long as he could – but now it’s about to get out!

“Something I always loved about the relationship between Ben and Johnny was how much it was like brothers, bickering, poking fun of each other, pranks…great moments that felt like real family,” said editor Mark Paniccia, “The secret that gets out will have a major effect on the two. It’s brilliant emotional stuff. Hard hitting and heart breaking.”

What will Ben do when he discovers that one of his closest friends and steadfast ally condemned him to a life sentence as a monster? It won’t be pretty. The fall of the first family continues as the Original Sin of the Fantastic Four is revealed in FANTASTIC FOUR #6!

Marvel Spotlight – FF #10


Ben Grimm returns to the pages of the FF as Ronan the Accuser and the armies of the Kree Empire invade the Earth!

Fantastic Four, King Conan, Batman Begins, Sin CIty: April 26th Comic Reel Wrap

Ben Grimm gets therapy after feeling closed in, and the pride of Cimmeria is mired in development hell. We’ve got the Bat expanding into every area of media while Robert Rodriguez makes plans for an unparalleled home theatre experience, all in today’s look at links, legends and lies.comicbookresources.com

Fantastic News!

After months of uncertainty since Peyton Reed left The Fantastic Four, the film once again has a director. Tim Story, director of Barbershop and the upcoming American version of French hit Taxi, is to take the reins of Marvel’s superhero foursome.

“What attracted me was that they are a family,” said Story. “They might want to wring each others necks. They might storm out and disappear for three days, but you also know they’ll be back. They don’t always get along.”

For those unfamiliar with the comics, the Fantastic Four are Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic), his best friend Ben Grimm (The Thing), wife Sue Richards (The Invisible Woman) and her brother Johnny Storm (The Human Torch). They were caught up in a storm of “cosmic rays” while on a spaceflight in Reed’s experimental shuttle, and emerged with super-powers. Now Reed can turn into elastic, Grimm is a man apparently made of boulders, Sue can make herself invisible and Johnny Storm can light up like, well, a torch, and fly. The four do more adventuring and exploring than planet-saving, but have some fabulous technology and swanky offices at the Baxter Building in New York.

The other advantage that the Fantastic Four have is that they don’t have any secret identities, so there’s no moping about worrying that someone might have noticed that, in a pair of tights and without their glasses, they’d be dead ringers for those guys who just saved the world.

The director is currently scouting locations in Vancouver for the film, and casting is underway. Producers have confirmed that Michael Chiklis of TV’s The Shield is in talks to star as Ben Grimm, and there are rumours that Tim Robbins might play baddie Dr Doom. We’ll keep you posted in our Future Film section as more news comes in.Empire Online