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More Marvel Movie Info From Kevin Feige!

FirstShowing.net recently sat down with Feige for an in depth interview, so please be sure to drop by FirstShowing.net to show your appreciation.
On "Iron Man 2"
Apparently they’re halfway done with shooting, and almost all of the dialogue is finished [...]

Emily Blunt rumored for ‘Iron Man 2′

Comic Book Biz: Favreau focuses on finding femme fatale — With Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell negotiating to play two key villains in "Iron Man 2," Marvel Entertainment and director Jon Favreau are now focusing on casting another nemesis for [...]

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie Review

How many times have fans and pros alike complained that Hollywood always screws up comic properties? Even when they are done right, as in Batman Begins, they can never seem to follow the story perfectly. Marvel cut out [...]


I’m not gonna talk about Millar’s ever- increasing jingoism, either. Yes, it’s weird since he’s Scottish (or Welsh or something), and I thought everyone who wasn’t from Texas disapproved pretty strongly of using the word “liberating” to describe our foreign [...]