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Marvel Spotlight – Shadowland #5

With the help of his former enemy-turned-champion, Daredevil has thwarted his former friends and finds himself prepared to claim all of New York for himself. The chaos of Shadowland has reached a boiling point, and Daredevil himself may not survive [...]

Lich King’s first level 80

A warlock named Nymh is the first to reach World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King’s level cap.
The 21 year old player Nymh took time off work to work their way up to the top level in the newly [...]

Death Race Movie Poster

Shock has a first look at the new Death Race movie poster which is now in theaters. Something about it just screams “shitty movie”. I’m surprised they didn’t try to play up the imagery of the custom killer cars instead [...]

ATI Radeon X800 XT PCI-Express 256MB

While the X800 XT isn’t much of an evolution from the previous generation of cards in most aspects, it does utilize new PCIE technology. Although the PCIE version of this card probably doesn’t perform any better than its AGP counter-part, [...]

COH: Statesman Limited Edition HeroClix!

Greetings, City of Heroes fans! Some information below from CuppaJo regarding HeroClix offerings coming soon.
He is the living embodiment of Paragon City’s greatness. Defender of justice. Champion of freedom. Statesman is the hero’s hero in the City of Heroes [...]


A fan-made film about Robin of Batman fame. The website gives the description as: ‘Gotham’s Son Returns! Two decades after the golden age of superheroes has passed, hope has abandoned Gotham City. Corruption has infected Gotham’s highest levels [...]