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It was the first full-length day of Comic-Con, and a little franchise called The Walking Dead was featured in its own panel. This panel was focused specifically on the comic book (the TV show will have its own moment in the sun tomorrow). Writer/creator Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard were both present, along with editor Sean Maciewicz, to discuss recent big developments and the future of the series.

Kirkman touched on several subjects pertaining to the series’ lead protagonist, Rick. Rick’s anger streak seen in recent issues can be chalked up to the tenuous state of society in the aftermath of “All Out War” and the need for every member to perform their jobs. Kirkman doesn’t regret introducing the plot twist that saw Rick lose his arm, though he admitted it does cause certain practical challenges in terms of how Rick can hold and use various objects. While he was obviously noncommittal about the idea of killing off Rick, Kirkman did note that the series could very easily survive past Rick’s death.


Regarding Negan, the main villain of the series for the past couple years, Kirkman voiced an interest in fleshing out the character’s back-story. However, that would likely occur within the comic and not in the form of a tie-in novel like with The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. Kirkman also said to expect Negan to show up in the TV series eventually, but not anytime soon. Interestingly, Kirkman mentioned that Negan is based on a real-life person, though he was reluctant to specify whom.

Kirkman reiterated a topic he’s touched on in the past when he said he has no plans to reveal the source of the zombie plague, even calling the idea “boring.” However, he did reserve the right to change his mind a few years down the road. As of right now, Kirkman has the series loosely plotted out for 150-200 issues.


One thing Kirkman and Adlard seemed very much in agreement about was that they don’t allow the TV show or video games to affect how they portray the characters. Adlard noted that he feels a sense of pride whenever the show casts an actor who looks similar to his character designs (mentioning Danai Gurira’s Michonne specifically), but that he only draws the characters as he envisioned them. Kirkman said he has no plans to introduce characters created in the show or games, such as Daryl Dixon or Clementine.

Don’t expect the comic to shift away from the usual cast to focus on other areas of the world and how they’re dealing with the ongoing zombie apocalypse. If the setting of the series changes, it’ll only be because the core cast are moving.


Finally, Kirkman did offer one TV-related tidbit. He confirmed that while the spinoff to the TV series won’t be officially announced at SDCC this week, an announcement will be coming soon. That series is expected to premiere in 2015.


Image’s The Walking Dead #115 Sells Out of Bestselling Print Run


Fans across the world celebrated the release of The Walking Dead #115 this week, with thousands attending midnight release parties throughout the United States. The parties officially ignited the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead and the introduction of the most intense storyline in the series to date: All Out War. Accordingly, the response has been overwhelming.
The Walking Dead #115, written by Robert Kirkman with art by Charlie Adlard, instantly sold out at the distributor, selling over 352,000 copies on the day of release. This makes The Walking Dead #115 the top selling single comic issue of the year to date.
“Ten years in and The Walking Dead never fails to surprise me.  I wanted our tenth anniversary to be a big event but I never could have anticipated this,” said Robert Kirkman.  “The level of support we continue to get from retailers and readers is astounding.  I only hope we can somehow top if for the 20th anniversary.”
With the release of The Walking Dead #115, the storyline All Out War moves the title to a bi-weekly release schedule for the duration of the story. The Walking Dead #115 features 10 interlocking covers which celebrate the The Walking Dead by spotlighting classic moments from the comic’s past with all-new art from series artist Charlie Adlard. The second printing of The Walking Dead #115 will feature a gatefold cover depicting the range of characters in the All Out War storyline.
Fans are not the only ones raving about The Walking Dead as critics celebrate this issue with universal praise:
– Jesse Schedeen, IGN
“This is not something readers will want to miss.”
– Tony Guerrero, ComicVine
“The Walking Dead is on a collision course. The narrative barrels ahead and promises to leave many in its wake. I can think of no better way to celebrate ten years of this fantastic serie

The Walking Dead Goes Bi-Weekly


The Walking Dead will go bi-weekly for "All Out War," a 12-issue arc that launches with #115 on October 9th, Image Comics announced at Image Expo in San Francisco today.  The art team is being expanded, with Dave Stewart on cover colors, Stefano Gaudiano on inks.  Charlie Adlard will continue to do pencils, with tones by Cliff Rathburn.

October will also see a special Tenth Anniversary Edition of The Walking Dead#1, with extras and colors by Dave Stewart.  All of this is timed, of course, with the debut of the new season of the TV show, which also starts in October

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Reading The Walking Dead

Sina Grace is the writer of The Li’l Depressed Boy, and is the long time editor for Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book. No one knows Kirkman’s zombie escapades better than Sina, and for this reason we tasked him with naming five reasons why YOU should be reading The Walking Dead!

1.  Amazing artwork!
Charlie Adlard is a master storyteller using negative space and dense line work to his advantage. He can draw drama, action, gore, and is able to create iconic  characters like no other.

2. Characters you’ll love!
The nice thing about an ongoing survival horror is that you get time to fall in love with the characters…only for Robert to kill them off!  I can’t pick a favorite character, because the entire lot of survivors are nuanced, and bad-ass zombie killers.

3. No compromises, no sharks.
The Walking Dead is a creator-owned comic, meaning Robert has no one to answer to when he writes any given issue. There’s no corporate entity enforcing rules, and at no point has the book ever jumped the shark, which, let’s face it: a lot of zombie series end up going the way of nuked fridges!

4. There’s a lot of it!
If you’re the kind of fan who gets immersed in a series when hooked, then you’ll love the fact that there are over 100 issues ofThe Walking Dead, and they’re collected in two brick compendiums. If you’re more into nicer tomes, the series is collected in so many ways, for all types of fans.


5. The zombies aren’t even the scariest aspect.
Just you wait and see how awful we get once an apocalypse is brewing… You’ll understand when you meet the Governor!

THE WALKING DEAD #97 – #99 Second Printings Feature New Interlocking Covers

The first three issues of the series-changing "Something to Fear" story arc of THE WALKING DEAD will receive second printings with covers that will combine to find a large, landscape image. Issues #97, 98, and 99 of Robert Kirkman’s zombie juggernaut, published by Image Comics/Skybound, have sold out. The reprint covers for #97-99, which will combine to depict the villain Negan and his now-infamous baseball bat, Lucille, are by series artist Charlie Adlard. THE WALKING DEAD #100 became the best-selling comic in fifteen years when it sold more than 380,000 copies in July.