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The Walking Dead Comic Con Panel Highlights!

Check out all the best bits from The Walking Dead panel including new cast additions, a composer and plenty more interesting details about the show…

The panel features series creator Robert Kirkman, Writer/Director/Producer Frank Darabont, Producer [...]

Robert Kirkman: A Walking Dead Update

Robert Kirkman hasn’t lost his taste for human flesh—not by a long shot. Kirkman, along with artist Charlie Adlard, have slowly amassed an army of zomb…er, fans with their work on The Walking Dead at Image Comics. Only months [...]

The Walking Dead Statue

Speaking of Robert Kirkman:
The Walking Dead creator and writer Robert Kirkman has granted The CS Moore Studio the license to create statues and other items based on the highly popular and critically-acclaimed Image Comics series.
The [...]


Suggested For Mature Readers
Fans of the American drama/adventure television series Lost will find plenty to interest them in this disturbing horror series-cum-melodramatic soap opera. Kirkman utilizes the zombie-horror subgenre as a vehicle with which to tell a story about human [...]