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Captain America bids farewell

Captain America, one of Marvel Comics oldest and most iconic characters, was killed in the latest issue of his self-titled comic book. He was 66 years old.
The legendary crime fighter was shot by a sniper’s bullet while exiting the Federal [...]

Cold War Demo

A demo is now available for Cold War, allowing the chance to go behind the Iron Curtain for a sample of Mindware Studios’ recently released third-person stealth/action game.

Cold War Has Gone Gold

“Cold War” has gone gold in North America for Xbox and is scheduled for release on the PC and Xbox video game and entertainment system on September 27th, 2005.
“With its 1980′s Soviet backdrop and intriguing stealth premise that puts gamers [...]

RoN: Thrones and Patriots Gold

Microsoft Game Studios announces that Big Huge Games’ Thrones and Patriots expansion for the epic RTS gameplay in their Rise of Nations is now gold, and slated to ship on April 27:
Microsoft Game Studios today announced that Rise of [...]