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‘Superior Iron Man’ Brings Back the Ego

Playboy Tony Stark Regresses


Marvel has announced the return of Tony Stark’s ego, which is big enough to fill an entire comic book series on its own.  Superior Iron Man will launch in November.  The series will be penned by Tom Taylor (Injustice: Gods Among Us, Star Wars: Invasion) with art by Yildiray Cinar (Legion of Super-Heroes, Teen Titans).  The series will see Tony Stark regress to his pre-superhero personality:  a narcissistic, egomaniacal profiteer.  The story will also feature an appearance by Daredevil.

‘Umbrella Academy’ Returns

Concept Art

Gerard Way plans to resume work on his popular comic book series Umbrella Academy in 2014, he revealed on Twitter.
"[Series Artist Gabriel Ba] was checking in to see how I was and that he was going to be finished with a project sometime next year, and we both agreed to-do part 3 and 4 of Umbrella Academy, starting next year… I am almost finished with my music project and so it’s time to get back into comics," he said in a series of tweets.  Over the past few days he has tweeted several pictures of concept art.
The lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance (which split in March 2013), hasn’t released Umbrella Academy work since the second series The Umbrella Academy: Dallas wrapped up in 2009.

Marvel Announces New ‘Captain Marvel’ Series


At the Superior Spider-Man panel at the NYCC Marvel Comics announced a new Captain Marvel comic book series debuting in March that will be written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and drawn by David Lopez.
DeConnick is taking Carol Danvers, who made the transition from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel last year, cosmic in the new Captain Marvel series as Marvel’s other “Cap” shows that she has the "right stuff" by demonstrating her skills as an American pilot in outer space.  The first arc in the new ongoing Captain Marvel series is called "Higher, Faster, Further, More," as the series takes on an outer space dimension.
With Captain Marvel going cosmic it didn’t take long for a fan to query whether Carol Danvers might just bump into the Guardians of the Galaxy somewhere out there, and DeConnick’s "wouldn’t that be awesome" reply doesn’t exactly inspire skepticism

Marvel ‘Ending’ ‘Fantastic Four’ & ‘FF’ in January


One of the biggest mysteries at the NYCC was whatever happened to the announcement that James Robinson and Leonard Kirk were going to be taking over Fantastic Four in February?  The stage for the announcement was set when Marvel Comics announced at its Inhumanity panel that Fantastic Four by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred was being cancelled with issue #16 in January and would be relaunched (as a #1 no doubt) with a new creative team.

Earlier IGN had reported (in an article that has since been removed) that writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk would be taking over Fantastic Four in February.  Marvel also announced that the FF comic book series would be ending January with #16, and that Senior Editor Tom Brevoort would end his record-setting run of 141 issues of Fantastic Four in January.  But through the rest of the Marvel panels at the NYCC, there was no mention of Robinson and Kirk taking over Fantastic Four.
Robinson himself had been
tweeting about a new Marvel project for which he had already received 7 "mind-blowing pages," but when asked why his stint on Fantastic Four was not revealed at the NYCC, Robinson tweeted "The reasoning was that there were so many announcements at NYCC with pros who were there, they are going to wait a week or two," and then followed up with "So it has it’s own moment.  I’d be surprised if it isn’t announced before the end of the month."
So we can say confidently that both Fantastic Four and FF will be ending in January.  It appears likely that Fantastic Four will return in February with a new #1 issue written by Robinson and drawn by Kirk.  The fate of FF remains in limbo, but don’t be surprised if it too is revived later in 2014.

Dark Horse Adds ‘Prometheus,’ Reboots ‘Aliens,’ ‘Predators,’ & ‘AvP’


Dark Horse Comics announced today that it is adding a Prometheus comic book series, based on the recent Ridley Scott Alien prequel, to its lineup of horror/science fiction titles based on Twentieth Century Fox licenses and simultaneously rebooting its other Fox SF titles.  Paul Tobin will write the new Prometheus comic, while Chris Roberson will take on the rebooted Aliens comic, Chris Sebela will preside over the makeover of Aliens vs. Predator, and Joshua Williamson will handle similar chores on Predators.  All four books will inhabit a shared universe and DHC says the writers of all four books are coordinating their efforts.  So it appears the connections between the titles, which are due to debut in 2014, will be significant, though no formal crossover has been announced.
Tobin told i09 that the new Prometheus comic book will feature new characters and will not just focus on continuing the adventures of Elizabeth (played by Noomi Rapace) and David (Michael Fassbender).  But The Engineers and the theme of creation will be a core concern of the new series, which will be able to examine the subject in greater depth than in the movie.  Tobin also expects to clear up a few mysteries like the difference between the "eggs" depicted in the original Alien movie and those in Prometheus.