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Comic-Con News:  At the San Diego Comic-Con Dark Horse Comics announced an agreement with Nickelodeon to create a series of comic books based on The Legend of Korra TV series.  When The Legend of Korra debuted on Nickelodeon four seasons ago, it set a new cable record for a kid’s show.  The critically acclaimed Legend of Korra series, which was a follow-up to the hugely successful Avatar, The Last Airbender focused on a new Avatar, Korra, who mastered the four elements and her struggle to protect and bring balance to the world.

The fact that the new Legend of Korra comics, which ICv2 has learned will be digest-sized, will feature Korra and Asami, takes place after the conclusion of the events in Season 4 and is being written by the co-creator of the show means that these comics (like Dark Horse’s Avatar volumes) will become part of the Legend of Korra canon.

Dark Horse’s Avatar graphic novel collections did exceptionally well in both the comic book and bookstore marketplaces, and its Legend of Korra books are well-positioned to continue that success.  Details about the creative teams and the launch date of Dark Horse’s Legend of Korra comics should be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

GamersCircle Comics Shipment for 7/1/2015


This week’s [7/1/2015] comic order is on time and will be available Wednesday morning, but due issues with data between the distributor and the shop, the emails will not be accurate again this week.  It would seem that any comic book / graphic novel that was ordered back in April is being impacted.

If you think that you should get comics, but don’t get an email.  Please feel free to call 916-357-5615 and we can tell you.

Sorry for any problems that this might cause.

Friendly Reminder: Policy Change for GamersCircle Comics


New Policy

As previously mentioned , a new policy change is coming. The date that the policy will be go into effect will be 02/15/2015 and here are some additional details:

All customers that are asking for us to order and hold comics, will be asked to establish a form of pre-payment in advance. This can either be in form of a credit card [Visa, MasterCard or Discovery] or a GamersCircle Comics gift card.

As you may or may not know, new comics arrive on Wednesdays. Also on this day, an email is sent out informing you of which comics have arrived for you. That email outlines the title, the issue number and the price of each item along with a total [before taxes] at the bottom.

If you are not able to swing by on Wednesday to pick up your comics, then on Thursday, that week’s comic book shipment will charged towards the pre-payment that you have setup with us. Then from that point forward, your comics will be ready and waiting for you to pick up.

If for some reason, the form of payment that has been established does not have sufficient funds. Then we will give you a call to let you know and work out other arrangements.
If we are not able to contact you, then a temporary hold will be placed on ordering any future comics until a form a pre-payment can be reestablished.

So far, support for this change has been very positive and we really appreciate your patience and continued patronage. We also understand that there might be some concerns and questions. Let Andy know when you come into the shop and he will answer them.




New York, NY – February 6th, 2015 – As Secret Wars devastates the Marvel Universe by forging a new Marvel reality on the enormous patch-work planet of Battleworld, Wade Wilson will head back to the original 1984 Secret Wars series for his Warzones! tie-in, DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS.

In 1984, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars was known for debuting Spider-Man’s black costume and featuring Doctor Doom stealing the Beyonder’s power, and the first-ever event series also included a variety of appearances by Deadpool that readers never saw. DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS by the Deadpool Killustrated team of Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli, will have the Merc with the Mouth revealed to be a part of the 1984 comic book event and drawn into scenes from the original series. 



CBS has found the actress who will play Supergirl in a new series that has already been given a commitment by the network, and should premiere next fall.  Melissa Benoist, who was featured in Glee and co-starred in the critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated film Whiplash, will play Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El in the new Supergirl series from Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. television.  According to Variety, Benoist will make her Supergirl debut in an hour-long pilot written by Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler.

The comic book invasion of the small screen is nearing the success that the four-color medium has earned on the big screen.  The success of Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham has got TV network execs fast-tracking the development of superhero shows.