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Hulk comic book news

As Marvel’s August solicitations revealed, Incredible Hulk is back to stay as a Marvel title. The series saw a return in July with Incredible Hulk #600 (which will feature a story by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness), and then continues [...]

Comic Dollars Up in April

Sales of comics were up 6% vs. the year ago period in April, the first up month in 2009. Price increases and a stronger shipping schedule appear to be the primary reasons for the increase.
Sales on the Top 100 graphic [...]

Thor is cast

According to Deadline Hollywood, Marvel has found its Thor for the upcoming live-action movie.  Chris Hemsworth, most recently seen as George Kirk, father to James, in the “Star Trek” revamp, will be donning the Norse gear of the god of [...]

Sold Out VS Multiple Printings

Aaron Albert explains;
I get a lot of emails from publishers announcing their comic has been "sold out at Diamond", which basically means that the comics have been sold out at the distribution level. This doesn’t mean that the comic is [...]

Kevin Smith Plays With Dynamite

Media Release –Following up on Dynamite Entertainment’s announcement that they had completed a comprehensive comic book publishing deal to bring the Green Hornet back to comics! Dynamite currently has plans to introduce the new comic book adventures starring the Hornet [...]

Writers Hired for Brett Ratner’s Youngblood

MTV’s Splash Page spoke with comic creator Rob Liefeld, following his recent Twitter announcement that he was meeting with director Brett Ratner to discuss the live action movie based on Liefeld’s Image Comics superteam Youngblood . The comic book launched [...]