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Comic Book Review – Savage She-Hulk #1 of 4

There’s a new She-Hulk in Town.  Where’s the other one?
All New Savage She-Hulk is a ‘Dark Reign’ tie-in.  The story begins as the flame-haired, green skinned femme fatale lands in New York City from what we assume to be the [...]

Comic Book Review – New Mutants #1

The original X-Men “spin-off” team reunites!
Age is always a tricky thing in comic books.  When characters age, they run the risk of growing outside of their originally intended purpose.  The New Mutants were created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod [...]

Fox Announces Deadpool Spin-Off

20th Century Fox has officially announced that they are ramping up production on a Deadpool spin-off. Ryan Reynolds is attached to reprise the character, in a deal that was obviously part of his X-Men Origins: Wolverine contract. Lauren Shuler Donner [...]

Wolverine Sequel?

Fox and Seed Productions (co-owned by Wolverine star Hugh Jackman and John Palermo) have a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine in development, according to Variety. The storyline will focus on the samurai storyline from the comics, according to the report.

A Second Season of ‘Fringe’

Fox has announced that it has ordered 22 episodes, a full second season’s worth, of the J.J. Abrams series Fringe. Fox started with a half season, ordered the second half, and has now jumped forward to a second season early [...]

Comic Book Review- Dark Reign: The Cabal #1

A one-shot compiling short stories featuring members of Norman Osborn’s partners in The Cabal.

This one-shot is meant to highlight the members of The Cabal and their involvement/feelings about it. That target was missed. This was hardly a Dark Reign [...]