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Thor is cast

According to Deadline Hollywood, Marvel has found its Thor for the upcoming live-action movie.  Chris Hemsworth, most recently seen as George Kirk, father to James, in the “Star Trek” revamp, will be donning the Norse gear of the god of Thunder.  The film is slated for a May 2011 release and has Kenneth Branagh set to direct.  Until recently, the Australian actor was best known for his work in the Australian soap opera “Home and Away.”

Sold Out VS Multiple Printings

Aaron Albert explains;

I get a lot of emails from publishers announcing their comic has been "sold out at Diamond", which basically means that the comics have been sold out at the distribution level. This doesn’t mean that the comic is sold out at the retail level, no there could be many comics still on the stand for you to grab multiple copies of. You can also take into account that a print run can be relatively small, even with the minimum orders recently put into place. So your only talking around 1600 comics (if you go buy some of the number thrown around lately). That’s all that’s needed for a publisher to throw out the "sold out at Diamond" phrase.

In my opinion, the thing I look for to see if a comic is really hot or not is if a publisher announces multiple printings. This shows that the demand is high and there needs to be more comics printed. For me, this is a much better indicator that a comic is doing well and is wanted.

I know the reason behind a publisher is to drum up some PR about their comic, it just feels like an empty praise. I wish there was another way for publisher to toot their horn, and for smaller publishers, maybe this isn’t empty praise, but rather an indicator that their comic is gaining an audience. Seeing it from the larger publishers though, sometimes leaves me with a slightly cynical taste.

Kevin Smith Plays With Dynamite

Media Release –Following up on Dynamite Entertainment’s announcement that they had completed a comprehensive comic book publishing deal to bring the Green Hornet back to comics! Dynamite currently has plans to introduce the new comic book adventures starring the Hornet (and Kato of course)!

"This one has been a long time coming and the good news there is that it’s allowed us to put all the pieces in place to make this launch one of the biggest we’ve ever had," stated Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci. "The creative talent line-up includes Kevin Smith writing with Alex Ross, John Cassaday, David Finch and more to be announced!"

About the talent line-up, Dynamite has both Alex Ross and John Cassaday with David Finch on board to produce the #1 covers with a surprise cover artist. John Cassaday will be the regular series cover artist. "There are more "BIG" announcements coming soon," being the only other piece of information offered by Barrucci.

The Green Hornet has appeared in comics, starred on radio and TV and remains one of the most popular and iconic super heroes of our time. Through most of his various incarnations the Green Hornet is Britt Reid, a newspaper publisher by day, who by night goes out in his masked Green Hornet identity to fight crime as a vigilante, accompanied by his similarly masked Asian manservant Kato and driving a car, equipped with advanced technology, called Black Beauty.

Writers Hired for Brett Ratner’s Youngblood

MTV’s Splash Page spoke with comic creator Rob Liefeld, following his recent Twitter announcement that he was meeting with director Brett Ratner to discuss the live action movie based on Liefeld’s Image Comics superteam Youngblood . The comic book launched the Image Comics line back in 1992 and has had a sporadic publishing schedule at various publishers in the 16 years since, but Liefeld seems genuinely enthusiastic about his creations being brought to the screen.

Variant cover to FLASH: REBIRTH #3


Not only do you get the definitive “Who is faster?” answer when it comes to Superman and Flash, but you get Johns and Van Sciver continuing to explain just how Barry Allen returned.