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Peter Parker Meets Kamala Khan This October in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7!


Together for the first time! The Amazing Spider-Man meets the Miraculous Ms. Marvel in the super hero team-up you’ve all been waiting for in October’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7! And if that’s not enough, New York Times-bestselling creators Dan Slott, Christos Gage and Giuseppe Cammuncoli also bring you to the Edge of Spider-Verse!   As Spidey and Ms. Marvel face someone who looks a lot like Captain Marvel, meet the mysterious Spider-UK – but what is his connection to Spider-Verse? Seeds of the biggest Spider-Man story of all time are sown here, and no fan can afford to miss the epic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7 – on-sale this October!

SDCC’14: Across the Spider-Verse panel

The Marvel Spider-Man panel (Across the Spider-Verse) wrapped up a few moments ago, and here’s our summary of what was covered.


  • If you aren’t familiar with the Spider-verse event, it features the villain Morlun trying to wipe out all Spider-men (and women) across all of existence at the same time.
  • Spider-Verse kicks off in Superior Spider-Man #32. Superior Spider-Man finds himself trapped in the year 2099! Can you say Miguel O’Hara?  The issue is written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Adam Kubert.
  • If you have seen the big image, you know who will be part of the event – Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, Peter Parquagh, Superior Spider-Man, MC2 Spider-Girl, Japanese Spider-Man, and more (Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Gwen for example).
  • Look for the Scarlet Spiders and Spider-Verse Team-Up miniseries during the big event.
  • Scarlet Spiders will feature Ben Reilly, Kaine, and Jessica Drew from the Ultimate Universe. The three-issue mini-series will be writen by Mike Costa with art by Paco Diaz.  The mini-series kicks off in November.
  • Spider-Verse Team-up will feature a story by Christos Gage and Dave Williams and a second story by a rotating group of writers and artists.
  • Have you picked up Spider-Man 2099 #1? (the new series by Nick Lowe, not the issue from 1999). Miguel is in the present time working for Alchemex. Issue #5 will be the Spider-Verse tie-in issue.
  • No idea why the panel talked about Daredevil (perhaps because Mark Waid was moderating the panel), but issue #6 ties into Original Sin, features Matt Murdock finding his mother (who is being extradited to Wakanda), and deals with some “real issues.”
  • Speaking of Original Sin, we all know by now that there was another person bitten by the radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers. She’s been locked up for years, and we’re about to see what Silk is all about.
  • Readers will get to know more about Overdrive in issue #14 of Superior Foes of Spider-Man.
  • The Edge of Spider-Verse series kicks off in October and will be weekly for five weeks. First week will feature Spider-Man Noir, week two has Spider-Gwen, and week three has a non-Peter Parker Spider-Man (Spider-Ham perhaps?). Issue #4 arrives in November and is by Clay McLeod Chapman, and Elia Bonnetti. The final issue features an alternate universe Spider-Man called SPI//dr.
  • Spider-Man teams up with Ms. Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man #7. Also look for a new hero – Spider UK.
  • MC2 Spider-Girl shows up in Amazing Spider-Man #8.
  • “There’s rough stuff in store for every Spider character you’ve ever cared about! I’m very sorry,” said Dan Slott.
  • Spider-Man Unlimited, will be a mobile game app that launches in September, and looks to be a Temple Run type game. Players will be able to play 23 different Spider-Men.
  • No Spider-Man co-created by Sony (movies, and CGI cartoons) will appear in the Spider-Verse event.
  • Spider-Verse affects everything! That’s according to Dan Slott.


He’s Back! Your First Look at SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #32!


You just can’t keep Otto Octavius down! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at July’s SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #32 from the blockbuster creative team of Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Adam Kubert! Be there when the fan-favorite series that took the industry by storm returns for not one, but two issues kicking off the Edge of Spider-Verse – the exciting lead-up to November’s explosive Spider-Man event featuring ever Spider-Man in history!  But how is the Superior Spider-Man still around? Find out for yourself as the Superior Spider-Man finds himself trapped in the year 2099 with no way home! Stranded in an unknown future, he’ll unearth a mystery that will have fans on the edge of their seat and guessing until the release of Spider-Verse in November!

How was Otto flung into the future? How will he return? And what happened while he was there? Find out as the blockbuster series that kept fans talking until the very end returns for a senses-shattering encore this fall in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #32!

Learn to Crawl this May in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.1!


This May, following the debut of the highly anticipated return of Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #1, experience his early days as Spider-Man like you’ve never seen before in Learning to Crawl, a new 5-issue series beginning in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.1! New York Times Bestselling writer Dan Slott (Superior Spider-Man, Silver Surfer) and Eisner Award-Winning Artist Ramón Pérez (Wolverine and the X-Men, Tale of Sand) craft an all-new spin on the earliest days of the webbed wonder that have bitter consequences to this very day!

From that fateful night he lost his Uncle Ben, a new life began. But there is more to the story of how Peter Parker became the Amazing Spider-Man.

“We all love a good ‘Year One’ story,” says Senior Editor Nick Lowe. “But this is so much MORE! Not only does this address Spider-Man’s past, but it sets up a new villain that will be a huge part of Dan Slott’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN plans moving forward.”

We all know how Peter Parker learned responsibility, but this series tells the story of how Spider-Man became the super hero we all know and love!  Set within the first 60 days of his webslinging career, Learning to Crawl is an all-new tale set parallel to the character’s first appearance in 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15 and 1963’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 – #3 that will blaze new trails for upcoming Amazing Spider-Man story arcs in Dan Slott’s new series!

Comic Book Review – Silver Surfer #1



A new take on Marvel’s iconic, cosmic philosopher – courtesy of Slott and the Allreds

Every comic book story is a combination, in differing proportions, of words and art. Sometimes it’s a bad mix. Egos come into play and each creator fights to assert his or her own dominance on the project. Sometimes those fights produce masterpieces, other times the partnership falls apart and the work suffers. In this case it seems that Dan Slott is able to work well within the deliciously offbeat Allred universe.

The Silver Surfer is almost a religious figure at Marvel Comics. He has been used in years past to wrestle with all sorts of large philosophical questions. Dan Slott gets right to the point with the Surfer’s first scene. After saving the life of an entire planet, our hero rejects their adulation. “I deserve neither praise nor glory,” he thinks. Is the author telling us he intends to stay far away from this aspect of the character’s past or is this just a quick reminder of the nature of the Surfer’s personality and place in the universe?

The rest of the issue reads like a fun romp through an issue of Madman. Our journey includes strange environments, bizarre aliens and hipster girls that somehow reject and yet fit right in with the weird surroundings. It seems like Slott is having fun here. He is as much a tourist as his audience and his protagonist. Even so, the author is keeping us on course. I particularly enjoyed how he engineered the introduction of what will most likely be the Surfer’s new love interest. This first issue kept moving yet also stayed dedicated to careful story crafting.

Michael Allred’s art seems like a perfect fit for the Silver Surfer’s universe. He has taken a decidedly Jack Kirby take on our hero while immersing him completely into a universe filled with Allred goodies. For those unfamiliar with his work, Allred uses an amazing combination of art deco, pop art and 50’s kitsch. The boundaries of his imagination seem set a little further out than most artists. That being said his work in this issue is a terrific mix of outlandish elements and classic comic book components.

The book’s art also delivers a few wow moments as well. The reveal of the Impericon on the middle splash page is something that I could look at forever. Allred also took a very unique turn at retelling the Surfer’s origin (of sorts) by having scenes from his past appear as reflections on his silvery skin.

Laura Allred’s colors amaze as well. She seems to having fun with the Silver Surfer’s classic blue highlights. She uses a pleasing mix of colored pencil effect that boarders at times on water colors when smoothed out. Even so, the Surfer retains his sleek appearance. I also liked how she worked from a complementary palate for each environment but still managed to appropriately adapt to each world. Dawn’s coastal home, for example, has its blues and beiges but also contains a fun pop of pink, yellow and red as needed.

What to look for
Dan Slott’s humor and storytelling mixed with the beautiful Allred art.

What might put you off
Some of Allred’s work may seem too weird or out there for fans of more traditional comic art

This is a must read. These creators are an excellent combination for this character who at times can come off stiff and unrelatable.

Title Silver Surfer
Issue Number 1
Publisher Marvel
Release Date 3/26/2014
Writer Dan Slott
Artist Michael Allred
Colorist Laura Allred
Letterer Clayton Cowles
Editor Tom Brevoort

Reviewed by Geoff Jolliff