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‘Pathfinder Dice Arena’ Canceled

Fun to 11 has cancelled plans to publish Pathfinder Dice Arena, dice game featuring heroes from Paizo’s best selling Pathfinder RPG.  The company aborted the still-in-progress Kickstarter on December 20, even though it had surpassed its [...]

Disney Confirms ‘Space Mountain’ GN

Incomplete details were leaked back in August, but now Disney Publishing has confirmed via the disneyandmore blog  plans to release a 176-page graphic novel inspired by the Disneyland attraction Space Mountain.  Space Mountain will be released [...]

Archie returns to TV

Moonscoop and Archie Comics will co-produce It’s Archie, a new animated TV series featuring the Archie gang as 12-year-olds attending a modern-day Riverdale Jr. High, according to Animation Magazine.  The first season is 52 [...]