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‘Transformers 3’ Gets a Release Date? Already?

Mark your calendars for summer 2011. According to Dark Horizons, citing a German release schedule, Transformers 3 will hit theaters on June 29th of that year.

There are two things to consider here: First, the likelihood that the third film has already been greenlit is slim. With the DreamWorks/Paramount divorce, a troubled economy, and a film from an unproven franchise, that is probably a loose target rather than an ironclad, definite event.

What do I mean by an unproven franchise? Well, clearly the first movie did phenomenal business, and there’s every reason to suspect the sequel will, too. But look at Prince Caspian. Look at X-Files. Look at Hellboy II or Traveling Pants 2 or Transporter 3 or the greatly diminished returns on the third Mummy movie.


New Jack Ryan Film Gets A Writer

It’s been a while since we heard any concrete news about Paramount and Sam Raimi’s revamp of the Jack Ryan franchise, but today brought several bags of cement’s worth.

First of all, it’s now just Paramount’s revamp of the Jack Ryan franchise – Raimi has left the project due to a heavy workload, including completing his new movie, Drag Me To Hell and starting work on Spider-Man 4.

Also, a writer has been hired to give Ryan the Batman Begins/Casino Royale reboot treatment.

Hossein Amini, who has written movies as diverse as The Four Feathers, the still-delayed Killshot and Shanghai, has been brought on board by producers Mace Neufeld and Lorenzo di Bonaventura with the brief to write a Ryan origin tale that will have little or nothing to do with Tom Clancy’s novels.

The new movie will obviously involve a new Jack Ryan – the fourth after Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck – and we reckon that Paramount will want to go with a big name. After all, while the Ryan franchise has been lucrative, it’s not a name that carries the instant appeal of a Batman or a Bond.

And while we can understand the reasoning behind a complete revamp of the character, we’re a little sad that Ford won’t be stepping into Ryan’s shoes again, for he would have been perfect for Executive Orders, in which Ryan becomes President of the United States.

However, given that he does so after a terrorist wipes out Congress, the current President and most of the government with an airplane, we can see why Paramount might have balked at turning it into a movie.

Miller on Buck Rogers Movie

Frank Miller will write and direct a film based on the Buck Rogers property, according to Hollywood Reporter. Odd Lot is picking up the rights from Nu Image/Millenium, which acquired them from the Dille Trust earlier this year. No word on whether Buck Rogers would come before or after the long-awaited Sin City 2.

Mark Hamill To Voice Batman: Arkham Asylum

Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame will be lending his voice to the new Batman: Arkham Asylum game. Kevin Conroy, who was the voice of batman and Bruce Wayne in various animated movies and TV shows for the last 15 years, will also be lending his voice to the game. Click read more for the full info.


Batman fans around the world will be excited to learn that Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame and leading television and stage actor Kevin Conroy will lend their voices to the Batman: Arkham Asylum videogame, co-published by Eidos, Inc. and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Known as the voice of BATMAN and BRUCE WAYNE for over fifteen years in various animated films and television series, Kevin Conroy will repeat his role as the CAPED CRUSADER, while Mark Hamill, who is also a veteran of many animated Batman properties, will again star as The Joker in the upcoming action-adventure title.

StarCraft II Battle Report

A new StarCraft II Battle Report is online, offering Blizzard Entertainment’s first official shoutcast for StarCraft II, showing off a multiplayer match using an alpha version of the RTS sequel, while highlighting new e-sports oriented features for match spectators and commentators.