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David Tennant Joins Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones for Netflix


Marvel and Netflix are proud to announce that David Tennant will star as the villainous Kilgrave in “Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones,” an all-new 13-episode series premiering on Netflix in 2015 following “Marvel’s Daredevil.”

An enigmatic figure from Jessica’s past, Kilgrave’s reappearance will send shockwaves through the former super hero’s world.

Tennant will star opposite Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter, who will play Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in “Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones.” The series was developed by Executive Producer/Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg.
“I’m so honored and excited by the prospect of David inhabiting this multifaceted character,” said Rosenberg. “He can deliver the most heart-wrenching moment to the driest of lines, and all points in between. He’ll make Kilgrave a truly original villain.”

“Anyone familiar with David’s work knows he brings an incredible level of dedication to any role he inhabits, a level we knew we would need from the man playing Kilgrave,” said Jeph Loeb, Executive Producer/Marvel’s Head of Television. “While most know him for his roles as a hero, we can’t wait to unleash a whole new side of this talented actor.”

Tennant rose to international fame as the Tenth Doctor in the BBC hit series “Doctor Who,” and most recently starred in “Broadchurch” and its American adaptation, “Gracepoint.”

After a tragic ending to her short-lived super hero stint, Jessica Jones is rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases involving people with extraordinary abilities in New York City.




During a “Secret Wars Kick-Off Event” that was held this afternoon at Midtown Comics in New York City, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort proclaimed the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it. In fact the Secret Wars event will also mark the end of the Ultimate Universe, which will collide with the mainstream Marvel Universe. Alonso put it this way: “The Ultimate Universe and the Marvel Universe, they are gone to slap together. Imagine two pizzas, they’re going to combine toppings, some toppings are going to drop off–and this is the Marvel Universe going forward. It’s more than the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe, it’s all the universes you can imagine.”

Once the Ultimate and Marvel Universes start to intersect in what Marvel calls an “incursion,” which will happen in issue #1 of Secret Wars, the heroes of the two worlds will have about 8 hours to figure out what do about it before both universes are destroyed–and according to Brevoort, “They won’t.” Brevoort explained the resulting chaos from the intersection will be known as “Battleworld, the detritus, the melting world from which the new Marvel Universe will be fermented… Once you hit Secret Wars #1, there’s no Marvel Universe, there’s no Ultimate Universe, it’s all Battleworld.”

The end of the Ultimate Universe has been widely forecast–the only ongoing Ultimate title after February will be the Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man book, and the way Marvel has been treating Miles, don’t be surprised if he makes the cut and becomes part of the post-Battleworld, newly reconstituted Marvel Universe.

At the press conference Marvel revealed an interactive map of Battleworld, revealing the different “countries” where surviving characters exist. The teasers released by Marvel so far only account for a portion of the Battleworld landscape and characters, so expect a series of major announcements over the next few weeks, since only “the tip of the iceberg” has been revealed so far. Marvel’s Chris D’Lando, who moderated the proceedings, noted that more tie-ins to the massive crossover event were in the works, stating “we haven’t even announced half of the titles yet.”

The question that naturally springs to mind is whether or not Marvel is rebooting all of its titles and essentially destroying 54 years of continuity that has marked the Marvel Universe since its creation by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, et al in 1961? Alonzo described Secret Wars “putting an endcap to decades of stories, and starting a new era.” There will certainly be opportunities for change–as Alonzo put it, “If we wanted to resurrect Gwen Stacy, this would be the place to do it.” As if to highlight the changes Alonzo pointed to a cover image showing a married Peter Parker with Mary Jane and baby daughter in tow, and said “If you’re an Amazing Spider-Man reader, this is going to be your book,” and adding “We’re launching a wealth of new series, both ongoing and minis, during Secret Wars.”

THE INFINITY GAUNTLET is Marvel’s Latest Summer 2015 Teaser


At this stage it isn’t a question if there’ll be a daily new Marvel morning ‘Summer 2015’ teaser harkening back to a classic event or storyline, but what it’ll be. Tuesday morning Comicbook.com has the latest – the Infinity Gauntlet – Jim Starlin and Ron Lim’s Thanos-centric 1991 limited series. The Infinity Gauntlet inspired several “Infinity”-related follow-up projects by Starlin over the years and of course the basic structure of Thanos trying to assemble all six of the Infinity Gems serves as the inspiration for the common through line of all of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe films.

With an image featuring Star-Lord and a whole family of Nova’s (characters that didn’t figure in the original storyline) along with Thanos, the teaser once again show whatever is happening in Summer 2015 isn’t a straight rehash of the previous storylines.

Though Marvel has yet to come out and say so, Newsarama’s money is still on all these teasers being related to Secret Wars , the 2015 mega-event that will span 12 issues starting late Spring, and is said to be the culmination of all the reality and time-travel manipulation at Marvel Comics over the past several years. The New Avenger series has seen alternate realities crashing into each other, resulting in the destruction of one or both worlds.


Marvel’s Star Wars #1 To Get Plenty Of Exclusive Retailer Covers


So, Marvel are going to want to launch Star Wars #1 with a bang. They will want it to be the best selling comic for January- by a long way. And here’s one reason why it will be.

One way to achieve this is by arranging exclusive retailer covers if, said retailer orders an inordinate amount of copies, then orders another inordinate amount with a cover exclusive to that store. They won’t sell them all that month, possibly not in the next year, but it becomes a store perennial, a feature, and a reason for some folk to visit that store. It’s an expensive solution for both retailer and publisher but it can reap significant statistical rewards.

Add an expected LootCrate or NerdBlock exclusive cover as well, and that’s another five or six figure amount to add onto the numbers especially, as with Rocket Raccoon and Amazing Spider-Man, the number gets added onto Diamond’s official monthly statistics.

Basically with this news and this prominence? Star Wars #1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday will be the biggest selling comic in January. Pretty much guaranteed.

Hyperion Takes Center Stage in Your First Look at AVENGERS #34.1!


This September, the supremely powerful Hyperion takes center stage in the oversized AVENGERS #34.1 – an exciting new solo story from critically acclaimed creators Al Ewing and Dale Keown! Last son of a dead utopia and sole survivor of a world decimated by Incursions. Father figure to a new species of life thriving in the Savage Land. He is an Avenger, and so much more. Now, the Man From Nowhere seeks justice upon an unhinged cop killer, the safe return of a kidnapped child – and perhaps answers to the questions that haunt him deep inside. Why was he brought here? What purpose does he serve in our universe? The answers can be found this September in the Hyperion-centric AVENGERS #34.1!